Fear and Complacency

Fear and Complacency comes from working with the Akashic Records. I asked this question: In this moment, What Is? I received a message about fear and complacency diverting conscious awareness into a space of powerlessness. The message offers a simple, thoughtful response to regain power and live within conscious response.

What Is right now?


Many people are returning to habits of seeing only the superficial layers.

These layers are there because of fear and the attempted control of dominating power.

However, this is not just about living in fear.

Instead, this is the habitual response when there is an attempt to look beyond the surface.

The reaction is fear, and this fear is driven by What Has Been.

Meaning when you attempt to see beyond the mirage, the hole you hit is the fear of What Has Been.

Stepping you into this kind of fear can cut you off from What Is and you aren’t able to grasp that What Will Be is more likely to be different from What Was.

Please hear this today: What Will Be will not be What Has Been.

Complacency is not the safe choice.

Instead it is the choice to capitulate, to give over, to bend to the push. Whether of laziness or fear, complacency is trying to exchange clear awareness with avoidance, ignorance, or denial.

When you resort to the habit of fear guided by What Was, this will increase the likelihood your tomorrow will only be made of yesterday.

How can you move beyond this habit of complacency and fear?

The easiest path is to train yourself to move into a place of neutrality.

This is a place where fear is not the first reaction.

This is a place where you respond with: I don’t know.

A place of neutrality gives you the support to think through instead of reacting.

From this neutral space, you can make choice through personal power, leaving mindless reaction on the floor pushed away from your way forward.

When fear taunts at you, especially about the future, part of the push within is to find an answer immediately.

Fear pushes you to immediately determine your fate in that moment.

Fear wants reaction.

Fear wants your thoughtlessness and you reacting in the habit conditioned by yesterday, last year, every awful moment that has been.

If you can stop the reactionary habit with I don’t know, you reduce the push of habit and the demand you find an immediate answer.

Learning to respond with I don’t know may seem oversimplistic or irresponsible.

However, when you consider fear is the prime motivation of get-the-answer-now, then you know you can realistically and truthfully choose a different response in the face of fear.

Your habit began through your choice.

Thus, because choice is always available, you have the freedom to make a choice in the face of fear which serves you and not the dominating motion propagating fear.

I don’t know doesn’t mean you don’t or can’t understand the situation.

This is just a straightforward way to avoid engaging with the push of fear.

I don’t know stops the fear, the habit, and the mindless reaction.

I don’t know gives you a fighting chance to step into a place of neutrality.

A place where you are not choosing What Was thoughtlessly, cutting yourself off from What Is and What Will Be.

Move beyond complacency and fear.

Move into your neutral space filled with choice and conscious awareness of What Is.

Use I don’t know as the first step into a new and better tomorrow.

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