Fear as the Basis of Departing Energy

The concepts expressed here go along with the twelve pressure points explored in To Do Your Work. I haven’t decided if or how I might include them with TDYW — right now I’m thinking that this information forms part of the basis for a new Level Three course as well as it’s own book.

The basis of departing energy, the energy we have lived with on Earth for the last 2000-3000 years, is FEAR.

Fear is both a choice and an illusion.

An illusion of Power-Over.

A personal choice of how to respond or react in the moment of confronting the illusion.

From the presence of fear come the twelve pressure points of modern life.

Also comes the assumptions under which we can unknowingly live our lives.

These are the two primary assumptions which come from the presence of fear.

  1. Love is scarce and must be hoarded.
  2. Fear is in control through dominance and power- over.


  • Control is mandatory because love is scarce.
  • Connection is harmful unless there is control over other.
  • Trust is rarely, if ever, bestowed. And if bestowed, guarded for lapses and exertion of control.
  • Integrity is suspect unless control and fear prove fidelity.
  • Mine is my only concern.
  • US always wins over THEM.
  • Connection is always in service to Mine and US.
  • Male energy has power. Female energy (with its tendency toward balance) is without power.
  • Using fear to win over fear is the primary goal of life.
  • The fight against THEM is constant. Battles may be won, but the war against THEM is on-going and unwinnable because fear is in control always and forever.

The foundational departing energy belief: Love is scarce.

All departing energy beliefs flow from this one central concept.

The fundamental experience of the divine in Ancient energy was of balance, harmony, connection and integration — all aspects of divine love.

Within departing energy, this ancient awareness of connection was muted and the assurance of love was stifled.

Fear stepped in to take Love’s place.

Without balance between physical and spiritual and with the physical in the ascendancy, the conditions exist for Fear to ascend and exert control.

Without balance and love, trust, connection and integrity become difficult if not impossible.

Most importantly, beliefs are expressed in negative reaction to fear and all it tries to control.

Essentially all reaction to fear goes although the lens of control, dominance and power-over.

Fear as the Basis for Departing Energy is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work. To read other excerpts from this work-in-progress, start here.

To learn more about the concepts within To Do Your Work, begin with this article: The Spiritual Practice of Personal Power.

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