Five Questions about the Future of COVID-19

Here are the responses to five questions about the future of COVID-19. I came across these questions in an article suggesting that it is perilous to not understand the issues raised in the questions. Using the official disease classification of SARS-CoV-2, I opened the Akashic Records of the coronavirus and asked each question. Generally, “We” refers to the virus.

From the Akashic Records of SARS-CoV-2

We have shifted much over the last couple of years as we have interacted with many forms of life on Earth, especially human life. We have, from this experience as any would from experience, adapted, transformed, and transmuted. We are not the first contagion to do this though we are the first to do this at this tremendous scale and won’t be the last unless humanity takes a different track of communal behavior.

As we have told you before, on a spiritual level, our existence is powered by fear. Physically we transmute this fear within the body at the point of weakness. As you have already been told, we act as both virus and bacteria. We are part of the emerging fluidity within physical expression as the physical and spiritual continue a process of integration.

Please know you speak now with the Council of SARS-CoV-2. As a Council we are like the Founders. We are the progenitors and have a wide and deep view. The view within an individual body of our expression will have different intent, differing experience, and thus there are differences from person to person of expression of and experience with SARS-CoV-2.

This is because of our fluidity that the individual instances of SARS-CoV-2 behave differently. Think of a river and how the water molds and is molded by the riverbed. Within a human body we are a river molded by the individual. To avoid physical death, the opportunity is to reduce resistance and respond to our presence without fear. For as a river, we can help your body shift and attain a sense of fluidity. With this fluidity, you will weather the coming motion of contagion and change.

Question One: Where did the COVID-19 virus come from and why has it been so successful?

SARS-CoV-2 had its initial motions within the aviary world. Aviary expression has a physical fluidity which allows viral and bacterial expressions to develop and multiply. There is a crossover between aviary, apiary, and mammalian experience. What you identify as SARS-CoV-2 has been in a growth and development stage for over 2000 years. It is certainly possible to trace this development with epidemiological charts. However, right now we can show you our antecedents within the energy of 2500 years ago – within the fear which began to be part of human experience at the time the physical and spiritual were shifting out of a previous period of integration. You, Cheryl, rightfully identify this as Departing and Arrival energies. So, we speak of the initial emergence of what is now Departing energy.

Fear has a particular physical-spiritual resonance which paralyzes fluid response. This pushes the energetic expression of our energy from the domain of spiritual awareness into the bio-mechanical reaction of the body. Now the ability of the body to restore balance is dependent on its inner resilience. This resilience is influenced by the spiritual awareness of the person especially in response to fear of weakness. Unless an exit point has been chosen, those who do not respond within fear and those who are aware spiritually and physically will allow the river of SARS-CoV-2 to flow through establishing if needed and enhancing the individual’s inherent resiliency.

This said, there has also been synthetic manipulation of our energy both intentional and unintentional. Those who approach science in an arrogant bio-mechanical perspective miss the inherent flow of the nonlocal, infinite and eternal dynamics which are intrinsically part of every flow of energy. Going forward medical treatments which consider the inherent fluidity of physical-spiritual integration will provide the necessary support to weather interaction with our energy flow and with the energetic flow of other contagion. More importantly is the ability to not be affected or killed by the intended or unintended consequences of synthetic interaction or manipulation of our energy flow. For truly the issue for humanity is this: how to deal with those who think they know better than anyone and are willing to exert power over to dominate. The best approach is one of awareness of the inherent wisdom of body, mind, heart, and soul integrated and responding together.

Question Two: How is the COVID-19 virus evolving and will there be new variants?

Yes, of course, we are evolving. What you call new variants are simply new expressions of developed fluidity. We have the capacity of fluidity which we try to bring to you to support your fluidity and your reduced physical or spiritual reaction to fear. Our experience with humanity supports interaction of other energetic contagion motions.

Know this: we are here not to break you down. We are here to help support your own inherent ability to experience and live within the fluidity of physical-spiritual integration. If you can willingly step into your fluid capacity, then whatever evolves contagion-wise does not elicit fear within you. This lack of fear replaced by inherent self-trust means you have the power within to flow like a river within any contagion outbreak. This does not mean no medicine or vaccines. This means you trust yourself to respond and support yourself as a river on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul. For example, if your respiratory system has challenges, then give support here using all means of support available. It’s not so much what you take as how or why. Your intention and response is key. There is no one way or right way. There is the way which comes from your inner balance and trust.

Question Three: Can we develop a coronavirus vaccine that will protect against future variants?

As we just said, it’s not the what which is important, but the how or why something is developed or used. Yes, you can spend time and money chasing vaccines for every contagion and every variant of that contagion. Better would be to shift response to an integrated physical-spiritual response which is not 100% reliant on vaccines thought to stop infection. Rather an approach which is effective in moving through the contagion. Helping folks develop resiliency and fluidity is the optimal approach. Though we understand that on a country level, even a global level, this calls for the kind of perception shift which SARS CoV-2 supports. Yet is also exactly what is being resisted.

Contagion is always in its fundamental expression a paradox. This is why it is seen as something to be avoided or vanquished instead of something to deal with without fear. Any methodology predicated on fear will not work. Vaccines created to support the wisdom of body, mind, heart, and soul are most effective. Vaccines accepted through the inner wisdom of your body, mind, heart, and soul will support your ability to weather the energetic motion of our transformation for you. A combination of energetic medicine such as homeopathy combined with herbal or allopathic medicines is an ideal approach. Everyone will need a little different response and the best response is the one without fear.

Question Four: Why do some people develop long COVID?

First, let’s say that most medical approaches over the last 50 to 60 years have established a belief that effective medicine heals quickly and eliminates or suppresses symptoms immediately. This approach is ignoring the natural flow of the dis-ease with false promises of immediate healing.

If you think of dis-ease as a flow of energy interacting with the individual, you will immediately grasp that the flow will be different from person to person. Reaction and response will be different. Timing will differ especially when the medical initiative is to suppress and thus ignore symptoms – causing whatever the lifetime of the individual to be worse symptoms.

For those who have long COVID there is no one reason. However, if either in the response to SARS-CoV-2 there was symptom suppression or in previous incidents of dis-ease there was symptoms suppression, most likely there is a frozen energy flow which needs releasing. The clue will be in a sense of inner resistance, inner despondency, or inner dread or wariness. Energy medicine will provide the best initial response especially in dealing with the traumatic cycle frozen within one or more layers of the individual.

Long COVID is also an experience of breakdown versus breakthrough. Resistance to the energetic flow of SARS-CoV-2 has shut down the person’s ability to be fluid physically and spiritually. This resistance is ignited by fear of complete breakdown, totally falling apart, and no belief that if resistance is not maintained, death will occur. Energetically it’s like trying to keep a door closed when a ton of water wants to push through. The resistance hides the truth of the door: there is no more flow than what can be handled, and paradoxically the door is the exit point beyond the resistance and the contagion.

Question Five:  Why does Covid severity differ by age and from one person to another?

Each person is unique on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul. Bio-mechanically we each work in a similar fashion. Hearts beat and pump blood. Lungs move oxygen in and out of the system. However, each person has their own elements of strengths and challenge. Each person has their own history of experience and response to this experience. When contagion and dis-ease appear while response may be similar from person to person, the inner response will be guided by the unique qualities of the individual.

Response will also be guided and influenced by social and cultural consciousness. Older people are often seen as frail and not as healthy. While this can be the case especially for those who have not benefited from the one-approach-fits-all type of medicine, the actuality is that age is not as much a factor as is the fear tendency and a lack of inner fluidity. Those with horribly challenged immune systems can also have a natural fluid response unaffected by fear and can move through the interaction with SARS-CoV-2 to improved overall health. Again, intention and response are key and of primary importance.

We hope we have sufficiently answered your questions and remain open to whatever else you’d like to inquire about with us.

We are complete.

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