For Women Everywhere

For Women Everywhere — a poem which came to me as I thought about how in the past FEAR was present .


I name you.

I call you out.

Once a focal point

Of my life to

Protect me from harm.

Controlling the best of me.

Making me

Doubt the truth of

My pain.

Taking advantage

Capitalizing on the

Effect of

Little men who do

Not recognize the limits of their

Minds fogged with

Authoritarian smallness

And the detritus of privilege.

For too long

Squatting in my heart

And the cells of

My violated places.

Forced to the safe road.

Turning myself down.

Drowning out the

Honest beat of my heart.

Tiny dribbles of confidence

Hidden by the old man

Ignorant of my beauty

Oblivious to the peace of a

Security he has never

questioned because his

position offers a bully

pulpit from which

All she is objectified

for the allure of her

cells now tarnished by

a traitor’s semen

introduced without


I call you, fear

And in my calling

I name me as

Courageous and

Daring and no

Longer pinned under

The thumbs of

Tiny men and their

Blinding, idiotic fear of me.

Clear and beautiful

Me reverberates

Filling the vase of

Women everywhere.

For Women Everywhere is an example of when mindful moments come in the form of poetry. Here are are some others I have penned – Poetry

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