Four Seasons of Your Best Self Akashic Records Reading

Four Seasons of Your Best Self Akashic Records Reading is a unique opportunity to harness the transformative energy of each season.

Four Seasons of Your Best Self Akashic Records Reading by Cheryl Marlene

How to be Your Best Self?

In this time of extraordinary change, a little support will come in handy – and make the difference in whether you stagnate or you progress.

Harnessing the transformative energy of each season in a creative, conscious manner can make the difference in finding balance, alignment, and resonance.

In this special Akashic Records Reading package, you will meet with me just as the season begins at a mutually convenient time.

I will open your Akashic Records and respond to the questions and issues you want to raise.

I will also provide seasonally attuned questions to unearth obstacles specific to the season and to your life in the moment.

The intention is to provide a foundation for you to find your path in the moment to and for your Best Self.

Each season, you are committing to working the transformative energy to walk the path of your Best Self.

Here's this article -- My Best Self: A Declaration and a Commitment

The Energy of the Seasons

The cycles of Earth’s energy are experienced in the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Each phase of this eternal Earth cycle is marked by a shift in light.

When you bring awareness to each shift, you can harness the transformative energy to support your journey to live each day within your Best Self.

At the two equinoxes, Spring and Autumn, day and night are equal.

At the Solstice, Summer has the longest period of daylight and Winter experiences the shortest.

This motion does not change.

However, you change.

You learn, you grow, you expand.

These transformative dynamics cycle and differ from season to season.

Spring is to claim self by acknowledging and accepting personal truth to move forward.

Summer is the period to unleash self through release, to let be.

In the embrace of Autumn, being is open to accept the richness of experience.

Winter dreams allow the depths of being to rise and guide.

Here’s what is Included the Four Seasons of Your Best Self Akashic Records Reading Package!

This unique Akashic Records Reading opportunity with me includes all the following:

Four 60-minute Akashic Record Readings with me: each scheduled at the beginning of the next four seasons by you and at your convenience.

Free digital copies of the four books in the series Four Seasons of Your Best Self.

Weekly Emails containing the affirmations and tools of that week.

You Choose payment options.

If you just want to do one season, indicate which one when you register.


Simple! Complete this form and hit send!

When I receive your registration form, I will send an invoice, instructions on how to schedule each Reading, and download links for the books.

I look forward to connecting!

Here’s the pricing on this special Reading Package:

The value at full price is $1200+ for the full package with four 1-hour Readings, books, and email program.

In consideration of all the crazy motions in our lives over the last year, here’s what is available:

Full Package, one payment: $699 OR

One-time, special discount which expires 3/22/2021 of $250: $449, all in. OR

Payment plan of 4 payments of $175 over the next four months.

Or, if you just want one Reading (full value is $300), Your Choice payment between $150 and $300.

  • Full Package:

  • Individual Readings:

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