Four Seasons of Your Best Self by Cheryl Marlene

Four Seasons to Your Best Self

Affirmations to Harness the Transformative Energy of Every Season

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Affirmations to help you harness the transformative energy of every season.

Looking for focus to bring all your personal work into balance?

Or perhaps you just need some assistance in creating clear intent to get yourself going?

When you have a chance to let go of outdated beliefs and old stories, you find clarity to be your Best Self.

When you replace criticism and judgment with support and personal truth, life becomes a journey as your Best Self.

The first step:

Begin to understand how to be your Best Self!

Start with this idea:

Your Best Self is you in this moment showing up completely, not holding back on either the challenges, the opportunities, or the entirety of your life’s experience.

In your Best Self, you are clearly all in!

You begin within, present to your self and this moment, here and now.

You are willing to look at the hard bits, releasing whatever no longer serves.

Your Best Self is a powerful, beautiful work-in-progress, open always to the unexpected shifts of life.

One step at a time, willing to learn from mistakes to progress, expand, and align within the best you are and can become.

To explain the concept of your Best Self more fully, I wrote this article

 My Best Self: A Declaration and a Commitment.

The Four Seasons of Your Best Self

The cycles of Earth’s energy are experienced in the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Each season of Earth is marked by a shift in light.

When you bring awareness to each shift, you can harness the transformative energy to support your journey to live each day within your Best Self.

At the two equinoxes, Spring and Autumn, day and night are equal. At the Solstice, Summer has the longest period of daylight and Winter experiences the shortest.

This motion does not change.

However, you change. You learn, you grow, you expand.

Within the cycles of change, each season expresses its own motion and flow, offering a clear action to connect and live within the transformative energy of each season.

In Spring, I claim my truth.

In Summer, I unleash the best of me.

In Autumn, I embrace the richness of my life.

In winter, I dream, allowing the depths of me to rise and guide.

These are the seasonal actions of your Best Self.

With this clear focus, your day-to-day personal work can be directed toward living within your Best Self.

Here’s what’s Included in
Four Seasons of Your Best Self:

Each season provides an easy-to-accomplish, thirteen-week journey moving you through the year within the emerging energy of Earth.

Each season begins with a set of questions to ask yourself (or the Akashic Records) to move consciously into the energy of the new season.

Then, for each of the thirteen weeks, are these elements to support your reflection, interaction, and learning.

Weekly Affirmation: one sentence to change your life. The empowering motion of Affirmations come in daily repetition.

Mindful Moment: a short narrative of the energy contained in the week’s affirmation.

Spark Notes: writing prompts to spark your work, contemplation, and reflection.

Weekly Quote: a line of thought to reinforce the week’s learning.