Life’s a Garden:

So Dig Deep in the Akashic Records

Working with the Akashic Records is a like lot gardening!

Seeds: This is the initial primary material – the source of Life, the carrier of the manifesting spirit. In the Akashic Records, your soul brings forward your seeds.

Earth/Ground: Seeds grow in rich, fertile soil. Soil provides the matrix or garden needed for beautiful blooms and sturdy plants. The Akashic Records provide ground for the seeds of the soil as the soul blooms on Earth.

Water: Premium, rich growth comes when water moistens the soil and feeds the seeds. Seeds soak up the nutrition of the soil and water, and prepare to become their best expression possible. The Akashic Records helps the soul see and understand the profound possibilities of life.

Sun: Warmth of sunlight heats the growing capacity of the seed, the soil and the water adding the magic of photosynthesis to the seed’s journey. The Akashic Records support soul balance, warming the journey, providing guiding light.

The Akashic Records helps you establish a fully functioning and supportive Garden for profound, richly-planted personal growth and exploration.

Bloom where you are planted!

Explore the rich possibilities of your soul by learning to garden in your soul’s Akashic Records.