Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading

Ready to dive into the possibilities of your connection with the Gemstone Guardians?

Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl Marlene

This Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading opens the door to deep understanding and connection with the healing stones and metals of your choice!

Working with the energy of the Gemstone Guardians within the Akashic Records is an incredible journey of insight and support.

Gemstone Guardians are clear, wonderfully helpful, and truly interested in working one-on-one with whoever may connect.

In this Akashic Record Reading, I will work with the Gemstone Guardians of your choosing. You may ask questions and receive support, insight, and release through the energy of the Akashic Records and the Gemstone Guardians.

A Gemstone Guardian is the collective soul energy of a gemstone. Each gemstone has its own personal creation story, its own soul journey – just like each human being. Each Gemstone Guardian will lend energetic support according to its intention.

To get an idea of what is possible in your Reading, read Gemstone Guardians: Definition of Terms or look at the other excerpts from my book, Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians.

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How does this special Akashic Record Reading Work?

Like most Readings I offer, your session will be based on the questions you ask and your choice of Gemstone Guardian energy.

In your Reading, we can take several approaches:

Look at your connection between any Gemstone you choose by connecting in the Akashic Records with the Gemstone Guardian. Questions can include:

  • What is my connection with this gemstone?
  • How can I best receive your support?
  • How can you support release within me?
  • What is your message for me today?

Directed toward understanding your connection and intention, respond to the questions for any of the thirty Gemstone Guardians included in my book. Each Gemstone Guardian suggests four questions to further explore your energy connection with the gemstone.

Pick any Gemstone Guardian and ask your own questions within the Reading.

Ask in your Akashic Records which Gemstone Guardians are most resonant for you in the moment.

Ask for questions to raise with any Gemstone Guardian.

Plus, you can do a combination of any of these. I will help you!

The basics are one Gemstone Guardian and the four primary questions listed above. Repeat as desired!

Know also that release work can also be requested. This can require more time than a question.

Know also energetic release is part of your entire Reading.

How long? How many?

For example, if you ask 3-4 questions to a Gemstone Guardian, you can usually work with two in a 30-minute session and between two and four in a 60-minute session.

Your questions need not be the same to each gemstone and you may also ask the Guardian for the most helpful questions for you.

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Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading

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