Gemstone Guardians: Book Introduction

Gemstone Guardians: Book Introduction is the introduction for my newest book, Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians.

The world is changing right before our hearts and minds.

With such an intentional rhythm and a fast pace, global shift is obvious.

Held within is another shift: the present moment awareness of change.

For change is with us always.

However, change shouldn’t be ignored or denied.

We can’t pretend otherwise.

We can’t hide in the flow hoping life will always be what we can predict and control.

In this global shift, the awareness of time has compacted.

Gone are the days of the five-year plan based on certainty.

Gone are specific to-do lists which guarantee outcome.

Gone are the illusions of mastery by the rote following of your guru’s advice.

The plan, the list, and the advice were all illusions — all hiding the truth of you behind a false promise of certainty.

For what has always been certain is your personal mastery — your capacity to live your life based on your truth. To make choices for yourself. To find safety within the turmoil.

When the sands of external certainty shift and seem to pull the rug of life out from under you, you have a choice.

You can choose to blame and get stuck in the junkyard of the past.

You can choose fear and chain yourself to a future loop which will never happen except in your frozen, panicked mind.

OR . . . .

You can choose the best of you: your truth born of your capacity, your power within, your agency and autonomy to live the expression of your best self, here, now.

Some will not find a way past the fear of creating life through personal choice.

Some cannot break the habit of blame and accept personal responsibility.

The now broken externalized promise of certainty can be too shiny to ignore and discard.

Personal choice takes bravery and vulnerability.

There are no guarantees on this road of personal power within.

There are no absolutes based on a set of predefined rules or laws or commandments.

There is you and your willingness to venture with anticipation into the unknown.

Why do the impossible?


You are capable of miracles.


Not because you follow the promise of external authority.

Instead, because, one day, in one moment, you chose you for you.

A choice not based on false guarantees.

Rather a choice based on a willingness to trust yourself.

Why this choice?

Because within the change in your life your focus has shifted inward.

A shift toward your belief in yourself.

A shift to trust you.

A shift to focus on living from your power within.

The shifting sands are still there.

The unknown and the unexpected will still butt in and shake things up.

Yet as inner power blossoms, personal resilience builds, self-trust strengthens, and personal choice becomes your go-to.

Come what may, you now have the resources to respond from the best of you in the face of unprecedented change.

Speaking from the truth in their hearts, the Gemstone Guardians offer support in these turbulent moments of massive global shift.

Know the motion without reflects the motion within.

For you the most important battle is not the external conflicts. Your primary personal challenge is the one of personal power within.

Within is your choice, your agency, your autonomy to live life within the expression of your best self. Within is the creative engine of your personal power ready to fuel you to undertake the challenges born both within self and within this amazing universe.

The energy kingdom of Gemstones is powered by divine, universal awareness focused in our physical world through the physical presence of gemstones. Borne of both physical and spiritual processes, gemstones are uniquely positioned to both understand our personal challenges and envision paths of possibility which answer our dreams.

In this book, each Gemstone offers their soul story to help you touch your soul and integrate personal awareness and physical experience across all levels, body, mind, heart, and soul.

From each is a heart-felt message to help you navigate global shift, overcome fear, and make powerful heart-guided life choices.

For each speaks not to tell you anything.

Instead, each message intends to support the emergence and discovery within of your power, your self-belief, and your personal truth.

Messages to empower your best self with trust, confidence, and choice.

Messages of love to you, for you.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always!

In Joy!

Gemstone Guardians: Book Introduction is the introduction for my newest book, Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians.

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