Gemstone Guardians Group Readings

I am excited to begin a new type of public/group event!

A Gemstone Guardians Group Reading is done in a group setting and I provide a Reading to any participant who asks.

I use the Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards and the participant chooses three cards.

  • Card #1: What Was
  • Card #2: What Is
  • Card #3: What Will Be

I do the Reading through the Akashic Records of the Council of the Gemstone Guardians.

What I love about doing these Readings is the strong connection which comes through with the Gemstones. In the groups I done so far, several folks choose the same gemstones even though they were using numbers to pick and I was shuffling the deck between Readings. Nonetheless, the message was different for each person and wove together beautifully with the other chose cards.

Here are two sample Readings to give you an idea of how well this works!

Please join!

Register Here!

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