Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards

Connect with thirty powerful Gemstone Guardians for a daily message, to learn about gemstone energy, and for personal release within your spiritual practice or your Akashic Records connection

Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards by Cheryl Marlene

One of the best parts of working on my book Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians was receiving each guardian’s message for humanity.

One day, I collected all the messages together and was struck by how profound they were individually and how the energy of each was amplified in collection. 

That’s the day I decided that I wanted to figure out a way to share the collection and thought about creating a deck of cards.

This is not an oracle deck in the typical sense.

This is a collection of healing message cards from thirty Gemstone Guardians. 

Each card has the Gemstone Guardian’s message for humanity, their spirit name I received in their Akashic Records, and a picture of the typical form of the gemstone.

I have three suggestions for working with these healing message cards:

For the Gemstone: once a day, pull a card for the energy of the gemstone. Read in Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians about the energy of this gemstone. Meditate or journal with the provided questions. Or open your Akashic Records, and ask the questions on your behalf. Use the provided card holder to prop the card on your desk to have the energy with you for the day.

For the Message: once a day pull a card from the deck with the thought: what message is for me to hear today? Again, you may read in Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians about the context of this message, adding layers to your release and understanding. Use the provided questions for meditation, journaling, or exploration with your Akashic Records. Use the provided card holder on your desk or altar space to have the message before as reminder and rememberer.

For a Process of Release: one by one pull three cards from the deck. With the first card, ask: Where am I now? With the second card, ask: What got me here? With the third, ask: In release, what is my new direction? This is a release process of What Was (Card #2), What Is (Card #1), and What Will Be (Card #3). As you contemplate the cards you have drawn, ask yourself: what can I release to move forward into What Will Be? Taking this process to your Akashic Records is a great idea to find background information about either the message or the energy of the gemstone and how it is connected to your life and your process of learning, expanding, and moving forward.

Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards include cards for all thirty Gemstone Guardians in my book, a dark purple velvet drawstring bag, and an acrylic diamond-shaped card holder. I will also include the above suggestions for working with the cards and a link to download How to Work with Gemstone Energy (a PDF to connect with Gemstone energy). Plus free shipping within the USA.

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