This is a message to ease the challenges of global shift from the Gemstone Guardians of Quartz. This piece is part of my upcoming book, Gemstone Guardians and the Akashic Records. The intention of this book is to share an incredible perspective for dealing with global shifts within and through the energy of the Earth and its guardian energies.

A common rock-forming mineral consisting of silica, SiO2, occurring as colorless hexagonal prisms. The word quartz is a borrowing from German quarz – perhaps a pet form of twerc, dwarf.

In my journey within the Akashic Records, I began with Quartz. In the first months of my study, I held a piece of quartz in my hand to help with clarity within me and within my connection with the Akashic Records. In my exploration, the Gemstone Guardians of Quartz were the first to introduce themselves to me.

I feel an affinity with this gemstone which still provides a focus of clarity. In the hexagonal formation, I feel a familiar energy which has connected me over time with other Gemstones. I find guidance to see things as they are instead of insisting on what I want it to be. The clarity provides support and reassurance. Quartz brings me to a point of calm even in the midst of storm.

Quartz was the first gemstone expression in the very first incarnation of Earth.

Quartz is about the clarity of heat, resilience through pressure, and the ability to withstand fear which pushes to annihilate or obliterate.

Quartz holds the foundation for all gemstones to express their individual natures and their individualized mandates for interaction with humanity.

However, Quartz in its first motion into physical form did not have the clarity or awareness it now possesses. Through the first experience on Earth, Quartz attained animation and was able to demonstrate the possibilities of clarity and clairsentience available within the energy of all gemstones.

Quartz founded the Gemstone Guardian Council. Quartz held space for and educated other gemstones to accept their individual possibilities and mandates. This awareness cannot be forced upon any physical expression and must be arrived at with clear intention.

Through this experience with other Gemstone, Quartz developed the capacity to help people be clearly aware of intention. The primary motion of Quartz on Earth is to find, create, and hold foundation for clear awareness and clear knowing within any physical expression. Though Quartz intention is not limited to humanity.

As Earth has evolved, Quartz has evolved and expanded the foundation to support higher and higher levels of intention and awareness.

As humanity moves into this period of physical-spiritual integration, Quartz is the primary gemstone to support clear intention within this process. This is a clarity that’s not only physical but also spiritual. Quartz supports each human being to integrate clearly and functionally on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

The point of spiritual balance with Quartz is held within a sense of clarity and intention.

Our message for humanity is.

Light brings clarity and eliminates fear.

When there is turmoil within, Quartz can help clear the turmoil plus reduce the worry and concern of the unknown.

Quartz energy is focused on awareness in the moment and the light which can be focused on the next step, reducing anxiety over not reaching a desired destination.

We are here to support clarity and intention for your journey and the possibilities of this moment for your next step. Destination is the direction of intention. With present moment awareness, intention can shift as needed instead of being held hostage by the last moment’s view of destination.

We are here with love and light – however you choose to express yourself, we can help clear fear.

Your way forward is to move beyond the limitations of fear. Think of fear as the opposite of light or the opposite of clarity. Fear is also the opposite of essential expression of authenticity.

Quartz is here to hold a light for you to find your authenticity. Quartz energy empowers  you to find that place within you which is no longer oppressed by fear.

We also are here to help clear all that is not yet known or understood.

Even though Quartz’s mandate is clarity, assistance from Quartz begins with what is not known, with what is troubling, with what is in doubt.

To get to clarity in the moment, personal focus begins with personal awareness – your attention toward the issue at hand.

Quartz brings awareness of WHAT IS for you in the moment, however troubling or enlightening the awareness may be.

Quartz helps you not get ahead of the moment, moving from mindless reaction to thoughtful response, shifting focus to the next step rather than producing a giant leap to an assumed destination.

Quartz also assists in anchoring personal power. The emergence of your personal power comes through your ability to trust yourself. To establish trust, you need a sense of clarity, a belief you can see whatever tries to obscure your awareness.

Our energy, based on clarity and light, opens doors and erases blocks. Within the Akashic Records or by physically holding a piece of Quartz, you can connect to our energy of clarity, directing it to you and the troublesome, fearful issue at hand.

Interaction with Quartz is like turning on the light or shining light in the darker corners of personal awareness. Truth exists within you as an intrinsic element of your humanity. The energy flow of Quartz helps you enlighten the darkness so you may embrace truth without fear.

Remember, fear has two primary sources: within and without. Without means that another person or event  is trying to convince you that fear is the most reasonable choice within a set of circumstances. There will be challenge, intimidation, and coercion.

However, in most cases, this fear is false interpretation or outright lies and certainly not in your highest interest. This is fear as a tool of manipulation to get you to choose in a way you wouldn’t if you understood you were being intimidated by falseness. Most often, this fear is raised to scare you about a group of people or a particular outcome. You will know this fear without because it comes from outside of you and tries to drag you into a future filled with the falseness of its manipulation.

Fear within is a natural human reaction to an unknown future. This is where the power of the present moment is so important. For it is in the present, and with clarity, you can see the truth of the fear for yourself.

Remember, an empowered life is not about eliminating fear. Rather, within fearful moments,  personal power is found within choice. Choice is always available. Exercising choice is the first step in confronting fear. Choice allows you to respond within clarity instead of within the mindless, heartless push of fear, especially fear without.


Light brings clarity and helps eliminate fear.

Gemstone Guardians of Quartz is an excerpt from my in-progress book Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians. To read other excerpts, start here. .

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