Gemstone Guardians of Tourmaline

This is a message to ease the challenges of global shift from the Gemstone Guardians of Tourmaline. This piece is part of my upcoming book, Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians. The intention of this book is to share an incredible perspective for dealing with global shifts within and through the energy of the Earth and its guardian energies.

Welcome! We want to introduce ourselves. We are the Guardians of Tourmaline and we want to tell you our story.

We are a group energy which provides protection at the edges and boundaries.

This may seem broad but within all learning is the edge of the unknown and unexpected. These edges are mandatory for personal growth. These edges help differentiation and assist with shift and change. Sometimes edges are felt like tumultuous cliffs. Sometimes edges are fluid, soft, easier to transverse, though both hold deep, unseen pockets and trenches, which can divert attention and challenge ease.

We, Tourmaline, provide the necessary attention needed so that one does not feel alone on the journey. We are not here to eliminate edges, instead our energetic support provides a sense or awareness that the solitary one is not alone or without support.

We are, however, very clear that we will not do for anyone. Each person is responsible for their own journey, for their own desire to be guide for the journey of experience.

The journey of the soul is infinite and eternal in nature. While each soul is guided by individual intent, the soul is also part of the ebb and flow of the infinite and the eternal, and thus aware of the soul’s potential to express existence within the infinite and eternal.

This is the first experience of edges which comes in how one soul flow is similar yet different, one from the other.

Within physical form, this awareness of differentiation can sharpen edges and deflect motion. The physical being can have both reactions and responses to this awareness. Reaction emerges within fear or avoidance.  Response is a choice to engage or learn.

As Guardians of the edges, our energy supports response and the motion away from reaction. From fear to acceptance of What Is. For thoughtless reaction creates an inner sense that edges and boundaries must be avoided. Within response, edges and boundaries can behave as guidance and the sources of protection that they are.

Protection in this sense is not about defending safety. Here, protection is the energetic support necessary to feel comfortable or open to the unknown and the unexpected. For this is the energetic stance necessary to begin and deepen physical-spiritual integration.

Our energy is of prime importance now and over the next ten years, especially for those looking to deepen their integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. For Tourmaline helps soften and understand edges, allowing body and mind to interact and learn from heart and soul.

Plus, the interaction is a feedback loop. Body and mind show heart and soul how to interact and be at peace with the boundaries of physical existence. Heart and soul introduce body and mind to the delights of the unknown and the connections of spirit within all.

Our message for humanity:

All is possible.

The outdated reaction to edges is to think limitation, impossible, incapable. Yet within the awareness of physical-spiritual integration, edges are the possibilities of the unknown.

Thus, the issue is not one of incapacity. Instead, this is an issue of navigation of how you learn to move through whatever approaches.

Instead of asking whether you are capable of keeping yourself safe, learn a new perspective. Within integration, the soul introduces and guides body, heart and mind to the intrinsic sense of worth and capacity inherent within all human beings.

Within this perspective comes the awareness that ALL is possible.

Thus the primary question for your journey is this:

In this moment, HOW is all possible?

In this moment at the edge of my soul’s infinite and eternal possibility, what is my next step? Asking this question provides a framework to support your life, your spiritual practice, and your life’s journey. There are no right or wrong answers. Simply, a way to stay clear of the knee-jerk reaction of habit and fear.

We also will speak of this concept of Inner Master. For this inner personal awareness of the possibilities of mastery can only come forth when there is awareness of edges. There is nothing to master, to grow and develop, if one is not aware of how and when they are not of another (that which is I AM NOT).

This is an important point to make because awareness of self is the beginning of all personal and spiritual growth. Without self-awareness there is no way to access personal capacity and the beginning edges of personal growth.

Possibility begins with the awareness of possibility.

The soul begins in the differentiation of I AM and I AM NOT. Personal growth and meaningful awareness begin in the self’s ability to discern I AM. In the discernment comes the awareness of self. In the discernment comes the identification of personal boundaries. In the discernment comes the ability to see and exercise personal choice and personal autonomy.

Without this sense of I AM and the emergence of self-awareness, possibility is not present as seeable or understandable.

We write of this because when possibility seems bleak or absent, find the threads of possibility by looking for self. Look for your deepest sense of I AM. For within the connection of I AM is the connection to all possibility.

This is a present moment awareness and one in which you must be fully present to What Is.

Layer by layer is an unfolding of self within the possibility you both allow and accept without denial or rejection.

To reach and live within the deepest perspectives of your inner master, begin by opening to I AM and What Is. Trust yourself to choose your path.


All is possible.

Gemstone Guardians of Tourmaline is an excerpt from my in-progress book  Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians. To read other excerpts, start here .

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