Genesis: As Told by Ancient Mother

About Genesis: As Told by Ancient Mother: In all the many wonderful experiences of connection I have within the Akashic Records, the most delightful and most profound is Ancient Mother. As the originating energy of all creative expression we call Mother Earth, Ancient Mother sings physical and spiritual creation into being. She is the voice of our most ancient ancestors and holds a direct line to the deepest understandings of what it means to be human as manifested divine creative energy. Her voice is deep wisdom and her presence is deeply grounding between heaven and earth. In this section, and many sections to come, Ancient Mother shares an aspect of origin, of the genesis of all.

In the forever time, all things were part of all. There was no division known as bad and good, black and white.

Light shone from within all beings and all life was the expression of this light.

A cycle of light which moved from season to season with all beings: humans, animals, plants – all creation, intertwined and interconnected with all.

There was no sense of separation or division. The heart sang and the soul explored. There was balance, resonance, and beauty.

There was not want that went unsatisfied.

This was not utopia – a place without challenge.

This was a place which had awareness of all possibility. Clarity of thought, awareness of feeling, a desire to be more, express more, create more, and turn any challenge into possibility.

For within this clarity was awareness of the beyond, of the unknowable.

Your Ancestors, in part, the ones you call Neanderthal, lived within deep interconnected awareness. Most importantly, they could see the possibilities of the future.

This is a future that you know, and you, too, dream of. One with body, mind, heart, and soul united in complete and full expression. A complete expression of divine possibility within the physical expression of Earth. The divine made manifest within the resonant expression of Earth’s full capacity.

Your Ancestors could also see and feel the past expression and experience of Earth – both the struggle and the triumph. For this was not a race or competition – rather the result of creative cycle seeking the apex of divine creative expression.

For source was not limiting and the beings, your Ancestors, preferred to seek the full extent of creative possibility.

And So, It Begins . . .

In that forever time, one day we all came together in Council. I, Ancient Mother, was with them for they manifested my form so that we could walk together, live together, and dream together.

In Council, we spoke of our dreams, and we spoke of the possibilities because we saw from the transcendent perspective, within the infinite and eternal.

All is good.

We saw and we celebrated. Naught but joy and peace.

Painted across the heavens before us was the universe in all its majesty and glory.

We all were in awe that this was life and journey and shared possibility.

In that moment, we also saw the expansion of this, our divinity which knew no end, knew no limit, knew no failure.

From that moment, to this, remember:

All is good. All is good.

Together, we saw a way forward which in part was surprising. The challenge of this motion seemed at first unnecessary given the current balance.

However, in the Council fires came the deepest understanding of balance, which has its own cycle, its own turns within the spiral of life. For balance we could see was always present, but not always experienced as connection within the creative cycle.

Moment from moment is the personal creative expression within is also expression of divine intent.

In the still point between the ebb and flow of creative intention, expression is all possibility – both conscious and unconsciousness, eternal flow and inherent resistance. For there is not good or bad – simply What Is in this moment.

As the Council fires began to bank and quiet, we all felt the incredible surge of intention to follow the creative cycle into the unexpected and the unknown, to deepen the experience on Earth of divine creative intent.

We were one in this selection. We were one in this depth of choice. There were no reservations. No regrets. No desire to be anything less than full expression of creative divine intent.

Joy in our hearts, we made our choice within love for all, experienced without reservation.

We tied all creation on Earth to the destiny of the unknowable because we understood that this was nothing different within the infinite and the eternal.

All is good. Life is good. Choice is always.

As the fires of the Council eased to sleep, all of us: human, animal, plant, mountain, and river bundled together in the warmth of united connection within body, mind, heart, and soul.

As the peace of night gathered, one from among us walked into the darkness away from the connection with all to initiate our collective, community choice.

From the depth of utter darkness came a scream: a scream of terror, rending peace from connection, giving rise to separation and division.

A scream of agony, reverberating through all energy flows on Earth.

Emerging from this utterance, Fear was born on Earth.

And so began the days of division and separation.

The Loner

As told by Ancient Mother

The Loner understood deeply the consensus of the Council. The Loner understood the necessity of breaking with the past to go forward into the majesty of the Beyond. The Loner knew someone would have to make the difficult choice. The Loner decided that they must be the person.

Arising from the Council fire, the Loner walked into the darkness.

With every step, the Loner crossed one great chasm after another, intentionally putting distance between self and all others.

As the Loner walked personal perspective shifted. Moving from awareness of all to awareness of just personal body and mind. the Loner walked until foot could not be lifted for the next step.

The motion of the journey welling up within, the Loner screamed.  In the release, the loner’s heart broke in two. One heart half divorced from the unity that had been became the heart of self-awareness. The other part, hiding, to await the moment when emergence and unification within universal connection became possible once again.

In the break, the Loner felt utterly alone, without connection, without possibility.

In this separation the Loner again gave voice to the self’s deepest misery of loss. Like going through a hole, the Loner fell from the land of the Council into a land of loneliness.

The Loner vowed survival, to venture forth into this unknown even though the separation felt unbearably painful. Now distant in consciousness, the Loner believed in self’s hidden heart and the destiny of the Council and all beings in that place of connection. In distant memory, the Loner was the incredible destiny foreseen was possible if someone would make this new unknown place home.

The Loner came across a forest and a river, and commanded they provide a home, food to eat, and protection from the danger of the unknown.

The Loner realized in this new place, reliance rested only with that which could be controlled or commanded. To relieve anxiety, the Loner chose to be sole authority over all existence.

One evening, as the sun was receding, another entered the garden space around the Loner’s living space. Without words, this person knelt in the garden and began weeding and gathering. Soon a basket overflowing with food was presented to the Loner.

“Eat, my friend,” this person said, gesturing to the basket. “You need to build strength in your body to have the mind to command.”

The Loner was surprised; words did not come. In fact, the Loner realized that this person spoke out loud and in an unknown fashion. Taking the basket, the Loner thought about this person — actions, words, and offering. The Loner memorized, storing away every detail for future use.

That night, the Loner had a very intense dream of more offerings from the river, the mountain, the field. “We are for you. We are yours. Do not lose us. Do not fail us.”

The Loner woke feeling changed. holding new responsibility. In this shift, the Loner connected with the building fear of the first rending scream. But the Loner also realized that inattention and misuse of any could mean loss of all, including this new responsibility. The Loner felt a surge of disappointment and, for the first time, felt the possibility of failure.

That day as the Loner tended the rest of the garden as through memory of what the other person had done, the Loner made a plan to guarantee success and eliminate failure. Life was different now: alone, in charge, and with no other choice than to survive and not fail. The Loner decided to direct all efforts and actions toward creating safety in the absence of the peace of connection from long ago.

“I am the one in command,” the Loner thought.

“Here forward, this place will listen to me and do what I command. Together we will survive, but only if I take charge.”

With that choice made, the Loner felt something in self shift. The Loner felt strong in body and in mind. That life could be organized differently further receded into the recesses of a broken, hidden heart.

In this shift, the Loner foot stamped the ground and said, “Let it be.”

Power-Over was born and took command guided by the fear now present.

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