Gratitude as Active Awareness

I think of gratitude as active awareness. Said another away To give thanks is an active process of awareness.

Thankfulness comes from a feeling of connection.

Taking a moment to acknowledge thankfulness helps establish awareness of connection.

At one point in my journey, my Akashic Records defined gratitude as the active process of acknowledging the divine spark within ALL.

When heart is open to joy, heart can step into an awareness of the deep and powerful connection within all experience.

Awareness of this connection helps instill faith that whatever comes next will serve the highest expression of self.

Along with faith is patience to allow the flow of life to come to you instead of feeling you must chase after.

Faith and patience are the supporting pillars of gratitude because each help negate fear.

Fearless, one is able to touch within self and within Other the divinity which connects ALL.

In peace and in joy, we can give thanks!

Today I am thankful for:

My willingness to listen

My warm bed and the windows which reveal the beautiful falling snow.

A life of connection in each moment with the beauty of myself, of my friends and family, and of all the world.

In thankfulness, I feel my heart open.

I feel myself release worry.

Because in my thankfulness, I realize I do not need in this moment to know exactly how all will be well.

Faith offers this peace and this trust.

In the snowflake, the light of wonder is reflected.

We each carry this light.

Thank you, my dear heart, for connecting me to this light!

Thank you snow for showing me light!

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