Gratitude for Connection Not Perfection

As the year draws to a close, time to turn my attention towards the new year. I am beginning by first taking an attitude of gratitude to my life this past year. Thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve traveled, friends and events along the way, I want to first remember and then I want to take stock and create a gratitude list. On this list I want to note all that I’m thankful for in 2018. I believe this acknowledgement will make going into 2019 more fulfilling and help me create deeper, more supportive plans for 2019.

Given all I have enjoyed and learned, I feel the first person I need to have at the top of my gratitude list is me. Showing up for myself has been a big learning curve especially over the last 6 years. Not that I’ve got this dialed in with nothing left to learn, I acknowledge that I seem to be getting to deeper, more nuanced levels which only reveal heretofore unseen possibility. I want this aspect of my life to continue not just into 2019 but for years to come. Thank you, me! You’re rocking it—keep it up!

This has also been the year of amazing friends. I am fortunate to have some incredible people in my life. As I think about it, this has been the year of friends and dance. Every month this year I have gone dancing with my friends. This summer we joined several outdoor concerts and danced our little hearts out. We don’t wait to be asked, we just kick off our shoes and take to the grassy dance floor. In the summer warmth outside, there is so much joy in dancing, moving body in time with tune and beat. Definitely a moment of shut up and dance! Thank you, my dancing divas, you rock! Together we all shine!

The last item I’ll mention is certainly not last. I’m in deep gratitude for the forest and beaches I have danced with this year. The forest tree, the forest breeze, the forest fragrance light me up, lifting my heart, and cleansing my spirit. My feet remember the path and my body remembers the free motion as I hike through the forest within the city, in the Gorge, and at the coast.

Additionally, anytime I get anywhere near the beach, I feel drawn to commune by putting my bare feet in the water. The Oregon Coast is beautiful in its ruggedness and has some amazing, wide flat beaches stretching for miles. My body and heart love the mist created as water swells into wave and crashes over and over onto the beach. Even when my feet get red from cold, the chill warms me, and I skip along like a happy child. That beach and forest along with great friends are consistent parts of my life, I am extremely grateful. You bless me with presence and connection. Thank you!

Now I will turn the conversation to you. Move to 2019 in an attitude of gratitude. Take in your life in 2018 and ask yourself:

What am I thankful for in my life in 2018?

Write down everything which comes to you on your gratitude list. Use this list to help you contemplate what you want to move toward and achieve in 2019.


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