Healing and the Akashic Records Workshop

To hold the sacred space of healing within the Akashic Records requires intention, integrity, and openness beyond expectation and personal belief.

Healing and the Akashic Records Workshop explores the possibilities of healing and the Akashic Records both for self and for Other.

Deepest learning with Healing in the Akashic Records Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

Within the deepest levels of the Akashic Records, there are two very important concepts:

  • Healing is balance.
  • Healing is a self-initiated process.

Based on these concepts, come these understandings:

  • Dis-ease is imbalance.
  • You can’t heal another, only yourself.
  • You can hold sacred space for another to find balance if they choose.
  • Trauma is frozen energy flow which interrupts aspects of balance.

The soul perspective of the Akashic Records offers a unique view of the origin of trauma and the path toward healing and balance.

In this workshop, you will begin to investigate the possibilities of releasing trauma and supporting the process of healing for Other within the Akashic Records.

Energetically, trauma is frozen energy somewhere within or attached to the human energy field.

Healing as balance releases whatever has frozen the energy’s motion.

In this course you will explore the context for trauma both personally and for Other.

You will also explore various paths to finding the healing effects of balance with the Akashic Records and within an Akashic Record Reading.

Topics include:

  • The energetic perspective of trauma and healing within the Akashic Records
  • How to help support the release of trauma within and Akashic Record Reading
  • Develop awareness of flow and possible interruptions
  • How to work with triggers, outdated beliefs, and ill-serving stories
  • Understand how to maintain safe, sacred space for the client releasing trauma
  • How to scan for blocks
  • Explore and release any beliefs or blocks you have around healing and trauma
  • Experience the release of trauma and healing balance for yourself
  • Advanced skill and technique to release fear and its traumatic origins

This work is both a beginning and a deepening within the sacred space of the Akashic Records.


Healing and the Akashic Records

This workshop is currently offered as a Level Three independent study program using my book Healing in the Akashic Records and audio and video recording of online workshops. Support is available through Master Class and, optionally, through Private Study. As a current student, practice can be completed in Reading Exchange.


Successful Completion of Level One and Level Two.

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