Healing and the Akashic Records Workshop by Cheryl Marlene
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Five 60-minute Private Study sessions with Cheryl

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Healing in the Akashic Records Workshop Group Format

Five Online, in-person Workshop Sessions plus Master Class & Reading Exchange

Cheryl Marlene has a special gift of leading one to their gateway.  Entering the gateway to your true self is up to each individual.  However, seeing it requires the support and patience of teacher.  It is crucial in one’s awakening that they have a teacher/mentor whose core foundation is built on absolute integrity and authenticity for themselves and their students allowing each individual to grow on their own while mentoring from the heart.  This is what Cheryl’s courses has done for me.  It allowed me to stand on my own truth.  Yet at the same time, be part of an intimate community of students that feels truthful and safe due to the core foundations of its teacher.  Thank you, Cheryl.

Virginia C., Lafayette, CA

I give Cheryl my highest recommendation. I’d say that working with her is like having decades of therapy, rolled into a single session. Sometimes, it feels like a therapy session and exorcism all in one (in the best way, haha)! But seriously, I began as her client and quickly became her student. She’ll show you that there’s more to the universe than you imagined or dared to hope. She’ll teach you how to access it on your own, while providing you with the hands-on guidance needed to navigate the Akashic Records confidently (which I’ve found invaluable and truly believe is essential to learning this craft). And she’ll continue to be there, guiding you and helping you move through those experiences as a mentor, guide and friend. Most of all, she’ll do everything with an integrity, humor and grace that makes every interaction a delight. Get a reading, take a class, buy a book – your life will be so much richer for it.

EH, Boston, MA

I have learned to trust and to trust explicitly. The knowledge that has sprung forth and shared with me has had the benefit of initiating profound changes in my structure, core, and the essence of who I am. I have learned and trusted in the truth that has come from the Records. My willingness to let go of old barriers in my thinking, looking at the true picture of what has happened and derailed in my life has been a boon. Not only am I happier and healthier, mentally and spiritually, but I have allowed myself to open the gates of new possibility in my life, with less fear and trepidation. This is because I was in awe at the richness of the material and knowledge that came from Cheryl. I wish to embrace the honor of being able to explore and describe with the same richness and quality. This will come with practice and belief in myself.

Kathryn B., Gig Harbor, WA

Is now the time to learn to hold the Sacred Space of Healing Balance for Other within the Akashic Records?

Are you open to understanding the possibilities of healing balance for Self?

This Workshop explores the possibilities of healing and the Akashic Records both for self and for Other.

Within the deepest levels of the Akashic Records, there are two very important concepts:

  • Healing is balance.
  • Healing is a self-initiated process.

Based on these concepts, come these understandings:

  • Dis-ease is imbalance.
  • You can’t heal another, only yourself.
  • You can hold sacred space for another to find balance is they choose.
  • Trauma is frozen energy flow which interrupts aspects of balance.

The soul perspective of the Akashic Records offers a unique view of the origin of trauma and the path toward healing and balance.

In this workshop, you will begin to investigate the possibilities of releasing trauma and supporting the process of healing for Other within the Akashic Records.

Energetically, trauma is frozen energy somewhere within or attached to the human energy field.

Healing as balance releases whatever has frozen the energy’s motion.

In this course you will explore the context for trauma both personally and for Other.

You will also explore various paths to finding the healing effects of balance with the Akashic Records and within an Akashic Record Reading.

Topics will include:

  • The energetic perspective of trauma and healing within the Akashic Records
  • How to help support the release of trauma within and Akashic Record Reading
  • Develop awareness of flow and possible interruptions
  • How to work with triggers, outdated beliefs, and ill-serving stories
  • Understand how to maintain safe, sacred space for the client releasing trauma
  • How to scan for blocks
  • Explore and release any beliefs or blocks you have around healing and trauma
  • Experience the release of trauma and healing balance for yourself
  • Advanced skill and technique to release fear and its traumatic origins

A beginning and a deepening within the sacred space of the Akashic Records.

Workshop Format

Healing and the Akashic Records Workshop is provided in-person, online via Zoom.

Solo – self-directed learning is possible when Cheryl’s book Healing and the Akashic Records is published in March 2020.

Group – self-directed learning with group support through five online workshop sessions and monthly Master Class.

Private – self-learning directed by Cheryl through Private Study sessions plus book/workshop manual, online workshop sessions, and Master Class.

Intensive — this workshop is included in the Akashic Records Master Course Intensive.

Students enrolled in the group, private, or intensive formats are expected to attend all online workshop sessions, Master Class during these five months, complete all reading, individual practice, and partner practice assignments within all due dates. If the dates don’t work with your schedule, check with Cheryl beforehand to create a time frame which works for both you and the flow of the workshop.

Spring 2020 Workshop Sessions:

All sessions conducted via Zoom beginning at 8am Pacific Time for 2 hours.

  • February 22
  • March 14
  • April 18
  • May 16
  • June 20

Workshop Features


Self-Initiated Learning


Self-learning + Online Workshop + Master Class


Private Study with Cheryl +Master Class


Must have successfully completed Open Your Akashic Records and Open the Akashic Records for Other in either group, private or intensive formats.

Books & Workshop Manual

Healing in the Akashic Records

Self Purchase

Healing in the Akashic Records

eBook included for both books in Kindle, ePub, or PDF format

Private Study Optional Optional Five 6o-minute Sessions Five 6o-minute Sessions
Completion Time Self-Determined Self-Determined Private Study must be completed within six months of registration. Determined with Cheryl
Price Available April 2020 $499 $1299 Included with Intensive
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