Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within by Cheryl Marlene

Weekly Question: How Can I Feel Peace Within?

Anticipation which melts into worry will keep you from peace and calm.

Expectation which creates artificial limits will hold you back from exploring possibility.

Disappointment, misunderstanding, anger, frustration—all of these will make peace difficult.

Looking from the outside-in, the answer may indicate to move away from upset.

However, moving away doesn’t eliminate.

Instead move towards the upset, claim the possibilities inherent in what tries to take you down.

Peace within comes from trusting yourself to feel at peace no matter the circumstances.

When you embrace upset, you are allowing yourself to act in trust.

In trust, you can feel the peace of your being.

To move to this place of calm and ease, ask:

How can I feel peace within?

The wise person asks questions.

My father has said this to me since I was young child just learning to read.

When you ask a question, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn.

Learning is life. Learn always. Open to learn.

How? Simple: ask questions!

Use the question to learn.

Ask. Tune in. Follow flow. Ponder and reflect.

The Weekly Question offers you a chance to step back and learn about yourself.  For example, you may use the question as part of a meditation practice or while taking a mindful walk.  Cheryl highly recommends reflection. Reflection is a method of focused thought and is a great way to work with any question.  Here’s an article describing the Three Steps of Reflection.