How Can We Live from Our Integrated Being to be Aware of What Is?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: How can people live from their entire integrated being to be aware of What Is in the present moment? Their response discusses the deepest sense of connection with All That Is.

The way they want to answer this is to start by saying, the first thing is to think of yourself as layers, that your being, your physical-spiritual integrated being consists of layers. And those layers are always in flux. What’s the top layer today, may be the bottom layer tomorrow, or the middle layer.

There’s a motion or a fluidity within those layers that we don’t tend to think of within ourselves, especially as physical beings.

The nature of our multi-dimensionality is that we are always a combination of fluid layers. This means that in any moment, how we are may not be exactly how we were in the past, or where we might be in the future.

As we grow and learn and live our lives, we end up with more layers. So that means that what we see, understand and feel is based on the nature of our layers in the moment.

When you were 20 years old, maybe you only had five layers, and from that perspective, your awareness of What Is would be different than now, 25 or 30 years later. You’ve done a lot of life you’ve had all these experiences and now you have maybe 100 layers, which means that What Is will appear to you differently than it did when you were 20.

Participant observes: Yeah, it’s a bit of a diamond with all these different sides because all of these various experiences develop our personality in a way such that we have multi-personalities to us that have perspectives with these multi-dimensionality type views

The Founders continue:

Exactly. And so that means that while you don’t really improve your ability to see What Is, in a certain sense you do, because part of it is understanding that in any moment you are doing the best that you can to see What Is, especially if you’re conscious of this.

In some respects, it’s a matter of becoming conscious of What Is and then understanding that in any moment how you perceive What Is comes because of the layers of your multi-dimensionality.

Participant observes: So as a clarification then, a fully integrated being is someone who is aware of these different points of view from different points of experience within one point in time, in other words, I’m aware of when little 10 year old Crystal is coming out, because I can sense her. And I can speak with her, and we can have a back and forth conversation. I’m aware of my future Crystal who I’m creating. Yes, it looks way different. And I’m aware of all of these different experiences that I’m having in one given point in time. So is that integration? Or sometimes I get a little confused, because I’m like, are these fragments?

The Founders continue:

So the way you’re describing this is that sometimes these can be fragments, in the sense that it feels like somehow they have become separated from your sense of you. And that particularly is the kind of thing that can happen in a traumatic experience. But there’s also a way in which even though you may feel separated from it, it’s still you, it’s still a part of you. And so the learning and the growing part of it is about being able to incorporate that within the sense of who you are in this moment, so that you don’t feel it as a division. You don’t feel it as something that’s been torn out of you. But at the same time, the integrated being can have an awareness of all the kinds of different layers and bits and pieces that create you in this moment.

What they would say is that essentially an integrator, someone who’s physically-spiritually integrated, has shifted their awareness away from a limitation of basically the five senses, or the three or four dimensions, that they’re understanding that they and everything else exist across more than our linear time and space.

And so in a lot of ways, we are by the nature of being born on Earth, already integrated. Because we bring who we are spiritually and connect with the Earth to create who we are physically.

So, in a certain sense, physical-spiritual integration is actually the fundamental nature of what it means to be a physical being on the planet.

Participant observes: So it’s already happening, it’s just the mental effort of trying to understand it.

The Founders continue:

Yes, exactly. So it becomes a matter of awareness, it becomes a matter of consciousness, it becomes a matter of how you take in the knowing of who you are, and how you’re connected, both locally and non-locally with All That Is.

However, there might be some ways of looking, for example some religions, in which you, the human being, are perceived to be separate from the Divine, unless you’ve done whatever it is that the religion says you need to do to be worthy enough to have the connection.

Whereas the Founders would say that the connection is inherent, it’s intrinsic. It’s not anything that you have to create or do to be worthy enough to have the connection.

It becomes that your ability to evolve into the awareness of the multi-dimensionality is the capacity for you to do that which is already there. It’s just the awareness of it. So that’s why they would define someone who is physically and spiritually integrated more in terms of awareness than anything else.

Participant observes: it’s never ending.

The Founders continue:

Exactly. And it’s also why they talk about everything energetically, at least within the perspective of the Records, as being on a continuum. Because it’s not something that wasn’t, and now it is.

It’s something that there is a continuous experience of and as you move through that continuous nature, what you’re aware of, or how you see it, shifts.

In a lot of ways, what’s happening right now on the planet is more and more people are willing to go into a different place on that continuum of awareness than has been the case for the last 2000 or 3000 years. It’s not that we couldn’t do it 1000 years ago, it’s just that the habit or the idea that it was possible, didn’t exist in the same way.

Participant observes: And is that the Earth moving through her own evolution into the fifth dimension? With multi-layers to the Earth, of which beings are inhabiting these various dimensions of the Earth say, whether it’s third dimension, fifth dimension, whatever the case may be?

The Founders continue:

The Records would say that, instead of talking about fifth dimension, sixth dimension, like counting all of it, what we’re becoming aware of is the infinite and eternal nature of our existence. So that means that if we were going to count dimensions, we’re talking about an infinite number. To the point that it becomes meaningless, because why argue over how many strings there are, when it’s infinite? Because the more you learn, the more you realize how much there is for you to learn that you didn’t know was there back then.

Because then you are able to step into and begin to explore the fluid nature of the multi-dimensionality. And then that opens up to possibility, because if you are absolutely certain of something, it can become a limiting factor, if you are not open to other explanations. So when we work in the Records, we’re not going to the Records with an idea that it only works this way, we’re going to the Records open to learning in this moment, how it works.

Participant observes: So we’re essentially less dense. Because when we look at our past and how they thought, it’s like, this belief was very solid. And now it’s kind of like lifting so we become less dense, so it’s not either this or that, it’s like all of it.

The Founders continue:

And then that also gets back to their point about why they put everything into a continuum. Because  energetically our awareness crosses through a continuum, we can shift our awareness to a point on the continuum where we feel less dense, just as we could focus our point, our awareness on a place that we feel maybe even more grounded, like we feel like a block of granite or something.

It’s not either/or, there’s a way in which we’re experiencing a less dense experience of Earth, or of our lives. But at the same time, there’s also other things that are coming into it because of the fluidity of things.

Like, for example, that’s part of what’s happening with the whole conversation around gender right now. That’s a place in which fluidity is being experienced. It’s not either male or female, it’s that there is a continuum of possibility.

It’s about where you want your awareness to be that feels in harmony or feels in resonance with who you feel you are.

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