How Can We Work with Arrival Energy to Benefit Mother Earth?

How Can We Work with Arrival Energy to Benefit Mother Earth? The response from the Akashic Records describes how the shift in the agreements to be human is empowering physical-spiritual integration at an accelerated rate.


Arrival energy has to do with the shift in human agreements. We’re letting go of a certain way of being humans, which has been focused on the mind and the body. That’s what I call departing energy.

And arrival energy is the energy moving in, that’s a part of the new agreements and has to do primarily with physical-spiritual integration. Over the next 30 to 40 years, we’re gonna figure this out and not completely destroy the planet.

In the meantime, it’s gonna be not so pretty in the sense that there is still departing energy which is trying to maintain its ascendancy. It’s trying to maintain Power-Over everybody.

And the denial of anything happening on the planet is basically coming from that perspective. In the next five to ten years, the earth is going to be pretty well embroiled in the attempt to maintain that departing energy as the primary energy on the planet.

We can see it in governments around the world where they’ve maintained an authoritarian government, or over the like the last 20 years or so an authoritarian motion within the government has become predominant. All of that is going to continue and intensify over the next five years.

They’re saying it’s like a wind up toy that hasn’t quite lost all of its juice and it’s going going to peter out over over the next five years.

The next couple of years probably just won’t be very happy on the planet for most people. And that’s partly because more and more people who are being born are of arrival energy as opposed to departing energy.

So what you see is that departing energy is primarily not entirely but primarily within people older than forty. Not that you don’t find departing energy and people that are younger than that.

The main part of this and that tends to be the group that has power. They’re the ones with the economic means, and they’re the ones with the access to political power because of that.

But even so, over the next five years, even their efforts are going to lose steam and particularly in the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. Five years from now, all of those governments will look very different.

So the thing to do then is to not be overwhelmed. As much as that’s possible to not be overwhelmed by what you see going on around.

It’s better to understand this as a dying breath, rather than this is how it’s always going to be.

Because that’s where you get to fear. All departing energy wants to maintain everybody in fear you.

You can resist the push to be afraid, the better off all of this is because when you let go of fear, you’re not putting it back into mass consciousness.

And, and so there’s less there and so the ability to be aware and the ability to respond actually expands. You put fear back in, and then that increases fear’s reach.

So that then, then the other thing to do is to nurture your environment. Be a steward of that environment as much as you can.

It may just be that you live in an apartment and you have a planter outside your front door or on a patio or something like that — take care of it.

Put flowers there, grow something or if all you have are plants to put on the kitchen window, that’s all great. It only just takes one little thing. And your effort to engage with the world — that is what’s important.

Now we’re back to this place of rocks and pond. You don’t know where your ripples go, you don’t know the influence that you taking care of, and seeing yourself in harmony, and a steward of the land in whatever way that can come for you is what makes this all work.

And then that’s what connects you. With everything, with the universe with all this. And it becomes how you look at the world, it becomes how you engage with the world. The impact of that to you is huge. The impact to the rest of the world is more than you could ever imagine.

They also believe that in the next 10 years, that there is actually going to be a bit of a shift in the climate and climate change. Know what’s happening is that the Earth itself is going through its own physical-spiritual integration.

The motion on the earth or with Mother Earth, is actually towards moderation in all things. Even though we are experiencing some high highs and low lows over the next five to ten years, they really think that a lot of that’s going to moderate around the planet.

In part that is because there’s going to be places in the last 100 years in our memory are actually going to get a little warmer. Like the picture they’re showing me is of the earth. The belt of heat at the equator is going to get bigger, wider.

So yes, things are heating up. However, there’s something about that process that’s different than what we’re concluding. Partly it is because it’s doing something that probably has never have been recorded before. And over the next five years, water is going to be the one of the biggest issues on the planet.

After that, it feels like it’s kind of settled down a little bit. Conservation is good.

But the question to put to yourself is: If I see myself as a steward of the planet and if I am consciously choosing to live in trust and truth and not in fear, what would I do differently?

How would I live my life?

What do I choose to do differently than what I’ve been doing?

The whole thing starts by your conscious awareness of how you want to fit into the system of the Earth, within the ecological system of the Earth, where you want to be somebody with zero footprint.

It’s more than this. It has to do with your sense of connection, and your sense of how you are integrated with all of it, including the stuff you’re not so excited about.

Instead of always making a dire prediction, or getting angry because people are stupid, that doesn’t really help. It’s not really about what other people do or don’t do because in a lot of ways this isn’t what you can directly or generally influence.

So the best thing for you to do is pay attention to you and your attitude and we’re more likely to get down the road of a happy, healthy planet.

The planet for the most part is actually happy and healthy. It’s that we do stupid stuff.

If you’re conscious in your life, about what you can do to be integrated, and be a steward, then that’s a huge, that makes a huge difference.

Because it only takes less than half a percent of the population doing that to make a difference.

The idea that 51% of the planet has to be doing this in order for us not to walk down some horrible road is not true.

That’s an assumption that is simply math. And in this situation is not math. It’s a strong intention held by let’s say 100 monkeys.

If you teach a monkey to do one thing, that’s great, and then it’ll die with it.

If you teach 99 monkeys when the 100th monkey learns, it goes through the entire group.

Percentage wise, that’s not a very large percent. It’s a very, very, very small percentage relatively, that shifts the balance.

That’s why underestimating your ability in this ends up being the problem. Because you don’t see the ripples.

You got to remember you don’t see the edges of the ripples where they all go to. But, they go and there is affected influence.

It’s simply trusting them. Right here we are back to trust. It’s trusting yourself. If you show up as a steward, not that you’re necessarily there to fix things, you’re there to enjoy the connection.

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