How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?

Each day I have the honor to witness the soul’s beauty. Every time I open the Akashic Records for someone, I stand in awe. The soul’s beauty is breathtakingly beautiful. Like a diamond reflecting light, the soul shines with humble awareness, within transcendent awareness.

The soul has deep capacity to engage with the world in many ways, both challenging and supportive. Because of the infinite connections which are possible, the soul can drink in the beauty encountered in all experience, across all levels of experience. The soul does not meet limitation, seeing each hurdle as lesson and each shut door as reason to open into vulnerability and equanimity.

As a physical being, you are a soul of absolute beauty come to experience the beauty of physical existence. Look around you at the sky, the forest, the mountains, and the dandelion emerging from a concrete crack — all of life is beautiful and reflects to you the powerful essence of your beauty.

You may find it much easier to dismiss, deny, or denigrate than humbly, joyfully connect with the depth and beauty of your soul.

To release and step into your soul’s exquisite beauty, ask:

How do I underestimate the beauty of my soul?


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