How do the Akashic Records Describe an Akashic Record Reading?


I asked the Akashic Records to describe an Akashic Record Reading.  Here’s what I received!

In Joy!


An Akashic Record Reading begins with a request.

The energy of this request, whether or not there is clarity about the request, asks for attention to be brought to the deepest part of self.

This deepest part is that place within where there is motion.

Motion both of what needs to come in and what needs to let go.

The request emerges from the edge of the creative motion of self.

This inner point is the genesis point of self, emerging from within the Divine.

This point is where we understand, whether we are conscious of it or not, we can have awareness of that unique creative motion within us.

An Akashic Record Reading is essentially giving attention to this point of motion, this point of creative expression.

Because it’s the point within every human being where all of who the person is comes together.

The point at which both the mental and emotional bodies are created.

The point at which the soul touches the physical.

It’s both active and receiving.

It’s both a taking in and a letting go.

When you, Cheryl, offer an Akashic Record Reading, it is the focal point and the origin of all which comes forward within the sacred space of the Akashic Record Reading.


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