How Do the Akashic Records Work?

This is a question I get a lot: Really — how do the Akashic Records work?

Very early in my experience of opening the Akashic Records, I began to learn a very unique perspective about how to understand how the Akashic Records work.

This perspective began with a soul perspective which explains the Akashic Records in a very different way than the now outdated understanding of heavenly book and library.

I call this perspective Soul Energy Dynamics.

Here I offer a short, introductory primer to explain the understanding which greatly shifted and deepened my experience in the Akashic Records.

Here’s the beginning point of how the Akashic Records work:

To understand the breadth and depth of the Akashic Records, the beginning is always:

Everything is Energy.

All energy exists on a continuum from potential to form.

Energy is eternal and infinite, both source and substance, seen and unseen, known and unknowable. 

Every entity and event emerges first as energy: chairs, rocks, people, light, emotion. 

All we know, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is made in some fashion of energy.

We are energy.

Energy is the foundation of our boundless universe.

Everything is Energy.

In the physical sense, energy is the capacity for motion and the possibility of transferring motion.

From a spiritual perspective, energy is the infinite movement of the transcendent awareness present in all. As divine spark, energy is motion within and without.

The Akashic Records are also formed of energy and flow within this infinite and eternal realm.

Understanding energy is the first step while energy will, in return, support every step of your journey in the Akashic Records.

Attempts are made to understand the Akashic Records without energy, but that is like trying to explain the ocean without understanding the nature and power of water.

To understand the Akashic Records, exploration of the fundamentals of energy is the beginning. 

Then it is easier to understand how the Akashic Records flows within and utilizes the natural characteristics and abilities of energy.

Energy may be considered from multiple points of view:

  1. Energy flows on a continuum from potential to form.
  2. Energy has three characteristics.
  3. Energy is either wave or particle.
  4. Energy flows within two arenas of experience.
  5. Energy as static or dynamic.
  6. Energy’s movement is resonance.
  7. Spiritual becomes physical through the interaction of three Co-Creative Universal Forces.
  8. The energy of the Akashic Records is accessed at the Soul Point.

Click on each link to read a summary of how each perspective weaves together a response to: how do the Akashic Records work?

How Do the Akashic Records Work?

The quick answer is that the Akashic Records are a flow of divine energy.

But what does this really mean?

These eight points describe the energy flow of the Akashic Records as soul energy dynamics.

1 : Energy flows on a continuum from potential to form.

Energy exists on a continuum with potential on one end and form at the other. 

Energy is always in motion along this continuum. 

All energy is either potential, form, or part of the flow somewhere in between.

The energy continuum is neither two nor three dimensional, it is infinite and eternal.

Each point of the continuum is the timeless Now, with infinite possibility for the next Now.

Both hard to imagine and hard to draw, the energy flow on each and every point of the continuum is in an infinite number of directions, spiraling through the infinity of experience and form.

In the still point between moments is the infinite possibility of potential available to express as form.

Potential is the vast possibility of the universe intrinsic within energy.

Potential, allied with intention, steps forward from the great unknown, becoming source for realizing this moment of desire and dream, this moment of being and becoming.

Form is the creative manifestation of potential’s intention. 

As Potential moves along the continuum to form, intention grows steadily, until potential becomes its desired form.

All energy repeats this eternal cycle: potential flowing to form, then releasing as form, energy returning to potential.

While the acorn may not fall far from the mighty oak, both acorn and oak are expressions of potential and of form.

Energy is potential.

Energy is form.

The continuum of energy exists within All That Is.

All That Is encompasses all known, unknown, and unknowable and contains both chaos and order, forever beyond, and yet eternally within.

All That Is is described as a box, not because that is what it is, but because the lines of the box illustrate the limits of knowing, a reminder that there is much that may never be consciously known beyond the edges of the box. 

All That Is: everything inside and outside the box.

Words cannot encompass the indescribable totality of All That Is.

The mind cannot comprehend the whole, only parts, while the heart can feel connection with the eternal essence of All That Is.

2 : Energy has three characteristics: motion, intention and knowing.

Any flow of energy has all three characteristics because one element cannot exist without the other two.

The quality or essence of the three can differ between physical forms but all three characteristics appear within all flows of energy.

Motion is shift, change.

Energy is always in motion. 

Movement. Animation. Bringing to life. Creative spark. 

From motion comes the perception of space as both a finite, defined form (can be measured) and an infinite, boundless form (cannot be measured).

Intention is desire for experience.

As the focused internal urge to participate, intention gives direction to motion. 

Intention helps step into and unveil the mystery of All That Is. 

Clarity of intention opens the door to observe experience and make a choice about how to respond or participate.

Intention is not about a specific end. 

Rather, intention is a focus on the desire of experience in this moment which may shift in any moment of the journey.

Knowing is how to know

Arising from potential, knowing is a process of becoming aware of what can be known. 

In contrast, information is the content or form produced by this process. 

Knowing is the witness of motion. 

Appearing just before awareness happens, motion sparks awareness and begins the process of knowing. 

When knowing as a personal process is compromised, personal truth is sought outside of self from the outer master, someone who will offer their form of truth. 

The inner master is an inner source of truth within the heart and is supported by a clear process of knowing. 

Beginning inside, the inner master brings awareness of inner truth through personal knowing.

3 : Energy exists as either wave or particle.

Wave is a physical description of the dynamic, infinite, timeless movement of energy.

Potential moves as waves across the entirety of All That Is.

As a particle, energy is a fixed focus of individual awareness, capable of expressing the intention of its potential.

Particle begins the awareness of I and other, of subject and object, allowing energetic flow towards form.

4 : Within All That Is, are two arenas of energetic experience: Non-Physical Reality and Physical Reality.

Non-Physical Reality, an ocean of pure potential, is the origin of the unknowable and the ineffable of divine source. 

Filled with wave after wave of potential, Non-Physical Reality exists beyond form, beyond the quantum potential, within the origins of All That Is.

Emerging from the quantum potential, Physical Reality includes all expression of form from the daintiest photon to dense, consolidated physical forms such as planets, stars, and the human body. 

Resistance is the motion of energy which assists in refining and clarifying intention. 

Because resistance is in Physical Reality but not Non-Physical Reality, energy flows from Non-Physical Reality to Physical Reality in order to satisfy intention and manifest form.

At some moment, a wave in Non-Physical Reality realizes that it is an individual wave among an infinite number contained within All That Is and begins its journey from potential to form following intention. 

In this moment of self-realization, the wave becomes particle. 

As a focus of intention, this particle, still within Non-Physical Reality, is called the Soul Point.

The Soul Point is the soul’s origin and the focus of individual awareness.

In the moment the soul realizes its individual nature, the soul also consciously realizes that the whole of All That Is exists and wants to participate.

The soul sends intention into Physical Reality to manifest form looking to find an anchor within one of the many expressions of form available within Physical Reality.

To be on Earth, the soul responds to the intention Earth sends to help the soul follow intention and create form.

The intention of the soul joining with the intention of the earth joins and anchors the spiritual with the physical. 

The connection of these intentions creates an energetic spark which produces the Human Energy Field. 

Within this field the human body takes form receiving soul intention and Earth’s knowledge of physical form.

With you always, the connection between Soul Point and Human Energy Field, your Divine Connection, is eternal and unbreakable. 

The spiritual journey leads to a discovery of this connection, revealing the expression of divinity within.

At physical death, when the physical anchor releases, Divine Connection becomes the path home to soul’s origin – the Soul Point.

In the same way, connection with the Earth cannot be destroyed. 

From the Earth Connection, comes the physical stability of the human body, knowledge of the basic physical laws governing Earth, as well as the agreements of human existence.

With awareness of this powerful link comes the deep feelings of expansive connection with the natural world and the fullness of physical being.

The growing awareness of physical connection to Earth brings awareness of deeper spiritual possibilities.

When the time comes to return fully as potential to Soul Point, Earth gently releases her intention of holding space on Earth, freeing form to return to potential at the Soul Point.

5 : Energy can be understood from both a static/linear point of view and a dynamic or infinite and eternal point of view.

The standard perception holds motion within three-dimensional space and thinks of time as a chronology of past, present, and future. 

This is the Static View, limited to the linear.

Moving beyond linear boundaries, space becomes infinite in dimension and time is eternal within the Dynamic View. 

In the Dynamic View time is not a straight line. 

Instead, time flows infinitely and eternally from this moment like a fountain outward in the 360 degrees of a sphere. 

Instead of of a chronology of events connected linearly, in the Dynamic View each moment now is connected through awareness of this present moment with the next. 

When freed from a linear perspective, energetic motion is perceived as random or chaotic from the Static View.

The Akashic Records exist in Non-Physical Reality, outside of linear time, firmly within the Dynamic View. 

Entering the Akashic Records is to see from the soul’s point of view which is decidedly not linear nor three-dimensional. 

The Dynamic View completely shifts the energetic understanding of the Akashic Records. 

No longer confined to explanations from the Static View, possibility and capacity expands. 

For example, understood dynamically, the concept of memory is very different. 

Within the Static View, memory is awareness of what happened in the past – what is remembered. 

Within the Dynamic View, memory is awareness of connection between this moment and all moments, lifting perceptions into the infinite and eternal.

Opening the Akashic Records to ask a question, intention brings forward knowing of this moment. 

The knowing is not static and neither recorded nor retrieved from the past. 

Additionally, all energy flows within the Dynamic View and allows understanding of the Akashic Records to be more than what is perceived within the Static View. 

No longer limited to library and book, or past life information, the Akashic Records are a dynamic connection between the soul and human awareness in this moment.

6 : Energy’s movement is resonance.

Experience in the Akashic Records comes in many forms. 

One aspect is the awareness of  motion which usually begins gently and expands as practice progresses.

The Static View of energy focuses on vibration. 

The two linear components of vibration are frequency (how often motion is repeated) and amplitude (how high or low energy moves within three-dimensional space). 

The judgment is that “higher is better” especially for those on a spiritual path.

Through the Dynamic View, energy is about resonance. 

Resonance is the resounding or reverberation of energy throughout the infinite and eternal and within the potential of the moment across all aspects body, mind, heart and soul.

Resonance is not confined by the judgment of vibration. 

Resonance searches for affinity and balance between seemingly separate flows of energy where separation is no longer perceived because all flows are in balance one with the other.

7 : Spiritual becomes physical through the interaction of three Co-Creative Universal Forces.

Spiritual Inheritance – everything which the Soul brings.

Physical Inheritance – everything which the physical body brings, and

Universal Life Force – creative, divine movement dynamically animating the spiritual and physical into multi-dimensional expressions of energy.

The interaction of these co-creative forces makes physical being possible. 

Without any one of them, physical form on this Earth would not be possible.

In the Akashic Records, balance with these three universal forces is always present.

Balance does not need creating.

Balance only requires coming to awareness of its eternal, unbreakable existence within the integration of spiritual and physical with Universal Life Force.

8 : The energy of the Akashic Records is accessed at the Soul Point.

Each person’s Akashic Record exists within the energy of the Soul Point and Non-Physical Reality.

Eternal and infinite in character, the Akashic Records are beyond time and space, holding the promise of potential and the opportunity of form.

Rather than a physical body viewpoint, through the Akashic Records the perspective is from the soul’s point of view.

To enter the Akashic Records, extend awareness outside of the physical body, beyond the Human Energy Field, and “travel” past the resistance of Physical Reality, through Divine Connection, into the pure potential of Non-Physical Reality to the Soul Point.

Connection in the Akashic Records does not happen with only one point of contact.

Instead, the Akashic Records is a collective experience where there is soul to soul connection with the many and the One both as dialogue and as meditative integration.

Opening the Akashic Records is also an experience unique for each individual.

The flow of energy comes to everyone differently depending on intention, expectation, and need. Most often, the flow of energy feels like a conversation with others.

In the Akashic Records, the other are called the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and surround the Soul Point. 

Truly it does not matter exactly who the others are because these guides, these keepers, are drawn forward by the individual in the moment of expressing intent.

In the Akashic Records, guides do not dictate, they guide and are present as the reflectors, the witnesses, and the supporters of personal process.

The Loved Ones identify unlimited soul to soul connection. 

Teachers are the energy of guidance and learning, reminders of the possibility of moving beyond outmoded boundaries of yesterday. 

Masters transcend the individual and call forth the possibilities of alignment with the boundlessness and the divine.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are also a soul’s Soul Group.

Though they may not appear when entering the Akashic Records, they receive intention and transmit responses in alignment with highest expression.

Each person will have a different group of Guides, which may appear to shrink or expand over time because this group also flows with the needs of the soul and body in each moment and across all moments.

Additionally, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones for the most part stay nameless because they are not present for their own personal desires.

They are responding as witnesses to the intentions of the Soul they are invited to attend.

Each opening of the Akashic Records is a unique moment of the attention offered by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

This is a beginning of how the Akashic Records work from an energetic point of view!

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