How do we stand firm in these changing times?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: How do we stand firm in these changing times?

Participant: How do we stand firm and get rid of the fear in these changing times, when so many things are happening? For instance, I needed to change my bank card, and when I went to amend my direct debits, it had all been done automatically, and I don’t have any control over that at all. So many of these little things keep happening, and it feels like they are chipping away at our being. How can we really stand firm within ourselves in the midst of all this?

The Founders: So the first thing to say is way easier to say than to do: try not to take things personally. You’re noticing that things are moving differently than you’re accustomed to. And when there’s a lot of change, there’s a lack of consistency. For example, with your credit card, what you noticed is that the credit card system is working differently than it used to, so there’s a lack of consistency for you. So first of all, try not to take things personally, partly because the change isn’t out to get you. The fact is that things are shifting, especially at a technological level, way faster than ever before. So you’re going to notice a lack of consistency more often than you might have,let’s say 20 years ago. And a lot of the fear that you’re feeling is coming from that lack of consistency. But there is another part of all of this, and that is that things that change quickly often use fear to try to manipulate, which is another reason to try not to take it personally. Remember what it means to be a witness. It doesn’t mean don’t look or don’t observe, but it’s in how you observe. That’s important. The witness is aware of motion, aware of fear, the witness is aware of inconsistency. And instead of taking it personally, it’s more like, oh, look, I’m aware that there’s been a difference. I’m aware that there’s a change, which makes it less likely that you would step into fear. Does that make sense to you?

Participant: It does make sense. I also notice even in some of the supermarkets, they’ve got facial recognition things right at the checkout in your face, so you step and look at it. All these little things kept piling up.

The Founders continue: Let’s talk about facial recognition. It is meant to be intimidating. It’s meant to make it look like all social interaction is being controlled. It’s put there for the purpose of preventing crime, or misuse of the system, whatever that system might be. So, it’s reasonable, especially if you’re at the grocery store, and you look up and there’s a camera in your face, to be put off by that kind of surveillance which has been present in most of your countries for a long time, in ways of which you were not aware. It’s just that some of those things have now become much more obvious, like realizing that there’s a camera on every intersection in town now. It doesn’t matter which direction you’re going, if you stop, especially if you’re the first car that stops, you can look up and see there’s a camera pointed right at you, which is a choice that humanity has made to combat the fear of crime and attack. But you don’t have to buy into it. You’re not going to take down all those cameras, that’s not the point. It’s about how you decide you’re going to respond in the face of it all.

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