How do we transverse integration and living in this world of change? 

How do we transverse integration and living in this world of change? : in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

How do we transverse integration and living in this world of change? 

The first thing that they would suggest is that you be present to how you feel. Be present to what wants to try to react. Maybe you have a knee jerk reaction. Don’t you want to be aware of that?

For example, say you read something about, I don’t know, some political situation — pay attention to what your impulses of how you want to respond and or react. Because that is really good information for you about where you are.

A lot of what happens is, especially when we’re focused on what’s going on around us in our environment, in our local community, in our countries, or at large in the world.

The bottom line of arrival energy is that you are learning.

To respond, in other words, choose your response to fear, instead of reacting.

That’s why they’re saying pay attention to how you feel. Because the feelings are the indication of what your impulse is, to fear in that situation.

Because that’s essentially how you traverse all of this is by letting go of the habit of reaction.

Letting go of the immediate impulse to say or do.

Now, it’s not that you can’t say or do. The point is to try to get to a place where you’re consciously making a choice about what you say and do with out ignoring or denying how you feel.

We’re bringing together our intellect and our hearts into the present moment, in pretty much every moment of our life.

Because in a sense, the world is going to do what the world is going to do.

There is very little that we can do on the larger stage.

What we can do is be focused on our own stage.

How do we transverse integration and living in this world of change? This one of many questions and answers with the Founders of the Akashic Records. Visit this page for more Q&A. Join a Q&A Session and ask your own questions!

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