How has the Internet changed the way we think?

The annual question from is:? How has the Internet changed the way You think?? And though the editors there specifically discussed You vs. We in the question and came down on the side of You, I have asked the We question in the Akashic Records.? Here’s is today’s reply:

As to your question, we would turn it around and ask: How has humanity changed the Internet?? Because the shift and release, also known as change, that is the Internet and the experience of the Internet is actually an interactive, dynamic system of Knowing that is changing both the Internet and all of us.? The Internet as a connected computer system creates a systemic interaction of Knowing which affects and shifts all.? Knowing is being exchanged at incredible rates approaching the capacity of the brain for the first time in this current manifestation of Earth.? The Internet shifts with each use just as each person shifts with each individual use.

The primary characteristic of this shift is that humanity is increasing our capacity to connect with Knowing, rather than being primarily focused on the static need to know.

While this need to know may be the initial motivation, over time the shift will be move motivation toward Knowing.

Knowing is the awareness generated at the point of balance between Spiritual, Physical and Universal Life Force at your Center of BE-ing.? Knowing is an intrinsic characteristic of Energy.

In a static linear sense, use of the Internet is encouraging a dynamic, non-physical view of the world.

The Internet is the platform for moving the hologram into dynamic, energetic vision — away from the boundaries of linear chronology.

The Internet is the engine of non-locality, helping us to expand the capacity of our minds and move into an interconnected dynamic motion within the everyday experience of life.

Basically, the Internet is shifting us from static to dynamic, from fixed to non-local, from physical only to growing levels of awareness of our powerful balance between Spiritual, Physical and the divine animation of All That Is.

Ultimately, through the Internet, we are helping ourselves to step beyond the limits of today into claiming ourselves as creative BE-ings capable of divine Knowing within the infinite and eternal of All That Is.

We are complete.

In Joy!


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