I have been accessing the Akashic Records for over twenty years.

Very early on, the Akashic Records offered me a unique view of the Akashic Records as a flow of divine energy and knowing, moving beyond the old metaphors of book and library into a future-oriented, energy-based foundation.

This perspective greatly shifted and deepened my experience of the Akashic Records and opened me to understanding the Akashic Records from the soul’s point of view.

When I am asked “How to open the Akashic Records?” I respond from the depth of my experience and from this unique understanding of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

I have written a series of articles about how to open the Akashic Records:

How to Open the Akashic Records #1: The number one challenge and the number one requirement

How to Open the Akashic Records #2: Begin with You

How to Open the Akashic Records #3: Complete your circle with Other

I also offer a beginning primer about this unique perspective of the Akashic Records I call Soul Energy Dynamics.

Plus, I offer a series of Akashic Records Workshops, Akashic Records Mastery. This is the most intensive master course in the Akashic Records available. Begin your exploration of this powerful learning opportunity with the first workshop in the series: Open Your Akashic Records.

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