Is now the time to learn how to open your Akashic Records?

Ready to Trust Yourself to Open Your Mind & Heart to the Mysteries of the Universe?

How to Open your Akashic Records is Level One of ZENITH and is a guided study program over 3-4 months with direct, monthly contact with me — rather than a one-off, pre-recorded video workshop.

Connect with a deep, trustworthy sense of knowing through a simple soul-based guidance process you learn to do for yourself.

Level One How to Open Your Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Why would I want to learn how to open my Akashic Records?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on in your life: work, family, friends, health, and commitments vying for your attention.

You’re constantly connected, and it’s hard to get through the urgent things that need your attention to focus on what’s important. The news. Social media. The unending to-do list.

Yet no matter how busy you get, it’s still there.

That voice telling you there are important things you’re supposed to be doing.

Questions you need to ask.

New paths to explore and adventures to experience.

Important things, like figuring out what you really want, breaking through the patterns that keep holding you back, and getting really clear about the unique contribution you’re supposed to make while you’re here.

A call: to deeper relationships with yourself, your purpose, and the possibilities in the world around you.

You might be frustrated that you’re too busy to take action.

Or you’re confused about where to turn to get real results.

And it’s easy to get distracted.

There’s an endless stream of books, courses, gurus, and new ideas that can seem to point you in the right direction.

Yet too often, you engage deeply and then find yourself right back where you started.

On your own, without clarity and a deeper connection to the wisdom that you need.

Learning to open your Akashic Records will help you find your path and answer your inner call!

Level One is Rich with Resources, Support & Connection For You

The Firm Foundation of an In-depth, Innovative Curriculum

You will have access to all the Level One course material housed in the private, student-only section of my website.

You will find videos, audios, and reading assignments coordinated with your private workshop with me and monthly seminars with our community.

From start to finish, everything is designed to get you over the humps and have you confident in connecting with your Akashic Records for the rest of your life.

I also provide a free digital copy of The Akashic Records Masterclass — the world’s most comprehensive guide to connecting with the Akashic Records. This book forms the basis for the curriculum.

Akashic Records Masterclass by Cheryl Marlene

Direct One-on-One Learning Time with Me

The. most effective way to learn how to open your Akashic Records is directly from a master teacher.

That’s why for those just beginning their journey I provide a very focused, one-on-one, private workshop with me where I guide you through opening your Akashic Records for the first time.

This is the First-Time Workshop. After you register, I’ll share how you sign up for a time which works for us both.

Also included is a free 30-minute Akashic Record Reading with me. While most students request this Reading at the beginning of their journey, feel free to schedule when it feels right for you.

Monthly Group and Community Learning

Together there is so much we can learn and understand!

Connection Workshop is a monthly community event where we get together and talk about connecting with the Akashic Records. You can ask questions and ask me for assistance. I will work with you and everyone in the workshop to improve and strengthen their connection with their Akashic Records. So if things are feeling quite right or you just wanna make sure — this is the workshop for you!

Plus you can attend Akashic Records Monthly Seminar — available every month, via Zoom, directly with me. Each month I begin the session with a specific focus topic related to the Akashic Records, spiritual practice, and personal growth. Join as much as you want to bring your connection with the Akashic Records to the next level.

Can’t attend these events? In the Student Archive find audio recordings of all Connection Workshops and Monthly Seminars.

Private Study with Me

In Level One, I include two moments for direct, private work with me.

The first is your First Time Workshop where we work together for an hour as you learn the process of opening your Akashic Records.

Plus there are also 15-minute check-in appointment at crucial points in the course.

Also included is a free 30-minute Akashic Record Reading with me. While most students request this Reading at the beginning of their journey, feel free to schedule when it feels right for you.

The Intensive format of this Level includes monthly Private Study.

Private Study is monthly, one-on-one learning time with me to get questions answered, enhance commitment and accountability, while exploring deeper avenues of study and research. Plus. you may always ask me to open your Akashic Records.

Brought Together, Here’s What You Get Out of Level One

The Agreements you make with the Akashic Records to establish a firm foundation for you.

All the elements of the process to open your Akashic Records.

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Step-by-step instructions (written and video) with tips and tools to open successfully and confidently.

First-Time Workshop to work in person with me during your first opening.

Introduction to Soul Energy Dynamics: learning the basics of my unique energetic approach to the Akashic Records.

Tips, Tools, and Advice on building your Akashic Records practice.

Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey — what they are and how they relate to your Akashic Records journey.

The five primary spiritual concepts which support you within the sacred space of the Akashic Records.

How to create strong connection with the Akashic Records

How to release blocks which interfere with connection.

The fundamentals of building a consistent, empowering practice

Forty+ lessons filled with mindful moments, practice questions about a huge range of topics from truth, trust, and integrity to destiny, creative possibility, and soul purpose.

Question sets with multiple, repeatable questions which serve to strength and expand your practice in the your Akashic Records

The Deep Road
What it is, why that’s the goal, and how to connect at this deep level.

You read, you learn, you practice, you expand.

Simple. Deep. Powerful.

Once you learn to open the Akashic Records, you may live the same life, but your life will never be the same again.

What Folks Are Saying!

Studying in the Akashic Records with Cheryl as my guide has been a gift.

It has been an empowering journey of personal discovery.

The breadth and depth Cheryl brings to her workshops and classes is unlike anything else I have attended.

I always leave class inspired and wanting more.

— Ally, Massachusetts

I am re-watching the first lesson in our Level Three course and this thought just came to me and I want to share it with you:

You hold the keys to the Universe and I want to thank you for unlocking these doors for me.

Before you, I didn’t even know these doors existed.

Now, as I step through these doors, the potential of my Universe is unfolding and I am full of wonder, awe, and happiness!

— Stephanie, Ohio

Join Me on a Journey into the Best You Can Be and Become

I have worked with the Akashic Records for over twenty-five years and have developed a unique, innovative soul-perspective understanding of the Akashic Records. (Read more here.)

In this time, I have assisted thousands of students explore the Akashic Records to experience profound life shift and expansion through their journeys.

This course builds on my experience and guidance and provides each student with the firm foundation each needs to connect deeply with the Akashic Records.

I offer a simple yet profound journey-approach process based on my unique and innovative understanding of the Soul Energy Dynamics of the Akashic Records.

Level One, How to Open Your Akashic Records, supports you with:

  • Contemplative information and guidance for your spiritual journey,
  • Tips to release blocks,
  • Opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Deepening understanding of your spiritual self —
  • All while you connect with your Akashic Records.

In learning to open your Akashic Records, you will move from self-doubt and critical judgment to trusting yourself to hear your truth.

By releasing blocks, resistance, and fear, you build an illuminating connection with the depths of you and the universal mysteries held within the Akashic Records.

Before you in this moment are two questions:

Is now the time to learn to open my Akashic Records?

Do I learn with Cheryl?

To answer these questions, please know:

You need to be at least 18 years old to register.

Successful students feel they can learn from this curriculum despite any nervousness.

To get everything out of this program, asking for assistance from Cheryl is the way to go.

The best experience comes when you are open to receive guidance past blocks and resistance.

Finally, it’s really important to me that you get that this is a very different learning process than most Akashic Records programs.

Thus, if you are seriously considering registering, then here is must-read material:

Akashic Records: A New View

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about learning with me, I’d love to hear from you!

Either use this contact form to send questions by email.

Or schedule a 15-minute conversation with me by using this no-charge link.

Look forward to connecting from you!

In Joy!


Level One

How to Open Your Akashic Records

Before registering, I highly recommend you consider applying instead for ZENITH especially if you are interested in going through all four levels of study.

Though, at any point, you may always convert your study path to ZENITH.

Course Fee: $499

After you enroll, you will receive a Welcome email with details of beginning your studies.

Plus, you will be able to begin immediately, by clicking on My Courses and using the account details you create when you register.

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