How do Parallel or Past Lives Affect Our Current Lives?

How do Parallel or Past Lives Affect Our Current Lives? in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 Do we have parallel lives, in addition to past lives, that can be affecting us now?

And if so, how do we protect ourselves, especially if the parallel life is negative?

So here we are talking about the difference between the linear view and the dynamic view.

First of all, we’re in a place where we are beginning to become aware of how we live in multiple dimensions, however you want to define that. There are different ways to explain that, but either other physical reality dimensions are somehow overlapping with ours, or there’s the idea of parallel lives. But it can also be that your soul is here at the same time as it’s living in another life, which from the dynamic point of view is actually what is happening, because if there’s no linear time, then it’s all happening more or less at the same time.

So that in a certain sense, all lives are parallel lives. And the Founders want to focus on it from that point of view, so we’re not drawing a distinction between a parallel life and a past life. Because there’s also such a thing as what would be called a future life in linear terms.

So, in this life that we’re living right now, we have the possibility and the capacity to be aware of other existences that our soul has experienced, whether that’s in another dimension, or a parallel life, or a life in the past or future. There are also other possibilities, because there are forms of existence that we’re really not even aware of. So this means that, because we have that capacity to be aware of other lives, we also have the possibility for the energy of all of that to move back and forth. And often when we become aware of this, and the energy is moving back and forth, it’s because there’s something that it’s related to, in this lifetime, to help us understand our existence in this lifetime.

So they wouldn’t see it as negative though, we definitely might think the experience is negative. For example, we might have some judgment on ourselves for being such a jerk in that other life. Or, indeed, maybe more importantly, think of ourselves as a jerk in this life.

But the connection and the purpose of the awareness is to help us learn something right now. And you can spend time trying not to feel that connection, but it’s not worth your effort, because you are connected, and that connection is not going away. Y

ou can think that you can change or ignore that connection but if you’re having an awareness of another lifetime, it’s because there’s something there for you to learn.

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