How to See What is Unknown?

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: How can we learn to see something we don’t know?

The Founders: 

That is what you’re doing here, you’re learning how to see something you don’t know. So don’t be too hard on yourselves. It’s why when you work in the Akashic Records, you deal with knowing instead of saying knowledge or information or facts.

Knowing is an experience of the potential of what can be, and it crosses this continuum of energy from potential to form. And in that whole span of knowing, there’s what you know, there’s what you don’t know, and there’s what you are not able to know in this moment. 

And the unknown and the unknowable are there because today, you know something that you didn’t know yesterday. 

So the question then becomes, how can you begin to see the unknown and the unknowable, if you don’t know? 

It’s that ability to be, to learn, to have your awareness soak in almost like a sponge, what’s not known and then in one moment, something will shift within you. And you’ll see it, and you’ll understand it. 

Whereas if you put a whole lot of effort through your rational mind to try to make it click, it’s not that you can’t understand it, it’s that the deeper parts of it come by letting it come, by letting yourself absorb it and letting yourself sort of breathe it in. 

And know that in this moment, you’ll get what you need to get. And in the next moment, you’ll get what you need to get, and it just goes on like that. And then you’ll look back on it in a week, a month, a year, and say look at that! I took all of that in, look at that. 

And then you just realize that you’ve now developed this ability to stand at the edge of the unknown and not be worried and not be afraid. 

And the way to do that is to stand at the edge of the unknown, with awe, with that amazing awareness that comes when you realize that you’re connected, and that somehow, even just tiny little bits are no longer flinching. 

When you look at the unknown, and instead, you stand there with a sense of awe, that you’re a part of this amazing experience. It’s just such a beautiful place to be.

There are always moments where you feel something within yourselves that can be really scary, but you’re now in this place where you’re learning that there’s no reason to be afraid. 

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