Humanity’s Efforts On Earth

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.

Q. ? Mother Earth how do you feel about human life within the earth’s atmosphere and sustainable crust? How are we doing? What should we be doing?

A. The issue with thinking that, for example, pollution is a problem is this: as human beings you tend to hold the energy of the earth as static. Yet, the physical energy of the Earth is always in motion, always changing, becoming new, becoming old, letting go of form, returning to essence, preparing to return to form, and then emerging as new form. When you look at a field, for example, and you see concrete, trash, and the remains of once majestic trees, humans often react by saying, “Oh, that’s so awful! I wish it was still the beautiful field of grass I remember years ago.” Are you the same as you were years ago? Haven’t you changed, and maybe not always as majestically as you hoped? The Earth’s atmosphere and ecosystem are exactly the same as you. So, instead of looking at the field in disgust at yourself or others, look at it with this thought, “Wow! Look this field is in motion! I see your beauty within. I feel your magic. May you find new ways to express your light and move along your path!” By responding this way you respond not to what you see as superficially distressing or ugly. You respond to the inner beauty, the inner divinity of the field. Instead of seeing impossibility, you see and feel the field’s divine potential. There is a huge difference between “You poor thing” and “You magical thing.” When you can feel or respond to the magic in the natural world around you, you can do so because you connect with the magic and joy within you. Now if you pick up the thrash from the field you do so within the potential of love and admiration and not from limiting pity and distress.

The other response to environmental “damage” is your reaction to those you blame for the “bad” condition of the field. If only that huge corporation wouldn’t dump junk into my/our river, everything for the river and us would be better.” Now you are living in blame. Blame hurts you not the corporation. Blame keeps you from connecting at your highest level. In blame you can’t see the magic in others because you are cut off from the magic in yourself. From my point of view as Mother Earth, I don’t like to see willful pollution and destruction. But what is immensely more damaging to yourself is to move in any situation into blame. Whatever is dumped into a river today will be gone a thousand years from now – which from a universal perspective is a fraction of a second. But step into blame and you loose a lifetime of learning, a lifetime of joy. Don’t blame yourself for blame. Just choose a different response, a different attitude. Look at the situation, connect with the magic, ask, “What can I learn here?” And only then have you prepared yourself for doing.

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