I trust that I am able to be fully me and be safe.

I trust I am able to be fully me and be safe.

Feeling safe can be a big stretch sometimes. Often developing a sense of safety requires effort and perseverance.

Safety and feeling confident to be all of you go hand-in-hand.

Safety requires trust and confidence you can receive and follow your truth.

Self-confidence requires trust to discern where you feel comfortable and where and how you don’t feel safe.

Both are huge experiences to uncover for yourself and integrate into your life., Especially when you declare both within trust.

As spiritual practice, affirmations are an amazing method to release old habits and outdated beliefs. Once a week Cheryl offers a new affirmation to assist you in the subtle yet very helpful shifts in your life. You may take in all current Affirmations here. Plus Cheryl also offers a great –and free! — e-book on creating and using Affirmations Power Personal Transformation.

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