Illusion of Standards

The Illusion of Standards is developed from the push to deny worth brought on by Blind Production. First a definition:

Within the belief that personal worth must be proven is the illusion that there is a set of standards by which self-value is measured.

Within human experience is the need to understand, to interpret, to judge.

In this experience is the push to determine that which will protect and enhance, and that which might threaten or harm.

This motion of assessment is influenced by personal frames and life history. Beliefs, emotions, thoughts – in short, all of a person is brought to bear in every moment of understanding and explaining life experience.

In living an outside-in life, external assistance and authority is sought in determining the difference between threat and support, between failure and success, between good and bad.

The belief, coupled within the motion of Power-Over and Future is All, holds that there is a set of standards which if followed will keep life safe, the family fed and housed, and the future guaranteed. Mostly importantly, following these standards proves personal worth.

Be this kind of person. Do these things. Follow these beliefs. If you do, then your needs will be met, and you will be considered valuable.

In attempting to define the moral good, these standards, especially in the form of –isms like racism, can become tools of discrimination and judgment. Manipulated, they give support to the agendas of Power-Over and flood Mass Consciousness with demands for perfection which are impossible to meet or maintain. Depending on how they are defined and implemented, standards can become excuse for defamation and violence. Simply, Us who follow the standards are better than Them who do not follow our standards. What begins innocently as a way to assess can become an influential manifesto of hate.

However, if personal worth is intrinsic and needs no proof, what happens to judgment and standards?

In the face of intrinsic value, the need for understanding doesn’t disappear.

What disappears is the necessity to use judgment as a means for maintaining power, exerting control, or demeaning others to maintain power, control, or the status of asserting proof of worth.

To release the need for standards used to harshly criticize self and others, move into the assessment available within self-presence and resiliency.

Living from inside-out, judgment can transform into the reflective assessment of self-introspection.

Without the need to prove, judgment and criticism can be replaced by understanding.

Release the illusion of the need for standards with this simple action:

Begin within, seek to understand.

This is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work.

The rest of this sixth chapter describes how the illusion of standards interferes with understanding the deepest expression of who you are and can become. The last part of the chapter describes the release path for this pressure point.

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