In Gratitude, I Honor Myself with Love and Respect

Gratitude is the process of acknowledging the positive impact of connection. Connection is unlimited and, as beings of energy, you are connected with all energy.

Yet in the midst of all, there is for you only one focus point connected to all: You.

You are the primary node of your connection with All That Is. And while it may be so obvious as to not be noteworthy, without awareness of your connection and you as connector, there would be no life, no experience, no exchange.

In gratitude, begin with you! Acknowledge that you as your prime connector are worthy of love and respect. In fact, without this acknowledgement there cannot be love and respect in your life. To choose all of life, you must choose yourself first.

Begin today anew, bringing into your life the connective energy vital to all of who you are and can become: you! Acknowledge now:

In gratitude, I honor myself with love and respect.


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