In my full power, my heart is safe.

The pain and trauma of life can have many effects including a tender, hurt heart you feel compelled to protect.

Protection often takes the form of shielding and pulling back your heart from further harm.

Interestingly, this effort is also accompanied by the idea that your full power makes it more likely your heart will get hurt. You pull yourself back. You play small. You behave less than.

However, it is only in full self-actualization you have the awareness needed to avoid painful situations or to trust you can deal with whatever comes your way.

In bringing yourself together fully you have what you need to take on life in joy and excitement.

Fully present, your heart is safe.

As spiritual practice, affirmations are an amazing method to release old habits and outdated beliefs. Once a week Cheryl offers a new affirmation to assist you in the subtle yet very helpful shifts in your life. You may take in all current Affirmations here. Plus Cheryl also offers a great –and free! — e-book on creating and using Affirmations Power Personal Transformation.


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