In Resistance to War

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.? In the answer “I” is Mother Earth.

Q.? What do we humans do when we realize our country is moving towards war?

A. First I want to say that we understand your anxiety, your horror and repulsion, your resistance to war. Yet to avoid one war do not start another. “Fighting against” is war itself. Most humans in voicing opposition usually do so in a way that the only course of action for your opponent is to do what you do not want. This is what sets up “the war” and makes what you are against more likely to happen. In fact, when something might happen you don’t think you’ll like, the aggravation is that you are really asking yourself to make a change or shift you don’t think you want or feel ready for. In other words, external conflict is always a reflection of internal turmoil. The potential of the external conflict is responding to your desire to resolve your inner turmoil. Instead, let the turmoil show you what you can release to bring your spiritual and physical forces in balance with the universe. As your inner turmoil expresses itself in fear, anxiety, confusion and anger, examine these feelings to help you understand your turmoil and begin to find ways to resolve and release. Then you can view the external conflict in a different light knowing that it is really about your own internal experience. Here is my suggestion: when you hear of something you don’t think would be a good idea to have happen — for example, war — stop and listen to your thoughts and feelings. Why don’t I want this to happen? How will I think I will feel if it does? Go through the layers until you are able to begin to see the roots of your inner turmoil. How will my life be different if this thing happens? How will I accommodate it? Take a further step and ask the most important question: Is this possible event taking me personally into a new way of being that I am trying to resist? Now you have potent information to understand your internal turmoil and you are ready to release your fear. Begin by understanding one of the most important concepts the universe has to offer you: Everything always happens for the highest good whether or not you can see how it is possible. Our universe is about a continuum of possibility and potential where there is neither good nor bad. In fear and worry, humans respond without this basic understanding and feel that the choices are either win or loose, good or bad.? A response from this viewpoint will always bring that which you don’t want.? When you release fear and move into the joy of universal possibility, you connect with the universe and open to the unlimited possibilities for the situation.? Released from fear, the Universe can now respond to you in ways you would never dream possible.? In this process of balancing with the universe instead of your inner turmoil, you find a new perspective of the “war”, one where trust and possibility are now your guides.

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