Insight Analysis 10102022

Insight Analysis 10102022 (for October 10, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

This is for the week of Monday October 10th, 2022 and extends three to six months hence.

Insight Factor: Self-Progression

Here we assess on behalf of all who draw near.

What is?

As your pop culture references, there is a disturbance in the force. Everywhere, people are questioning their deepest convictions and beliefs. They are retreating behind walls of defense and personal protection. Everyone is dealing with the fallout of illusion and deception.

This is not just an external encounter. This is one of encountering the internal release of what no longer serves. This is happening not because most are denying personal growth. No! The turmoil is fueled by the depth of personal growth many are choosing. A growth also fueled by the perceptions of external conflict. The dominating power of body and mind over heart and soul is flailing and losing both subtle and overt positions of power and influence.

Instead, through the process of Self-Progression, many are realizing personal autonomy, sovereignty, and choice within the emerging ascendancy of physical-spiritual integration where body, mind, heart, and soul work in common purpose. The fear which pervades is based on the intent to separate the personal best from each person and thereby diminish and devalue all aspects of personal Power-Within.

Especially over the next six months, this disruption of force will continue and intensify. We know that the word force has several meanings in this context. Force can be the energy exerted to control and manipulate. This is definitely occurring and being utilized by those opposed to the deep expressions of personal power. However, force can also express the energetic motion on multiple levels, personal, local, and nonlocal.

Locally, force appears as the motion of connection of those who know you and include you as friend, neighbor, community member, and citizen. Nonlocally, this is awareness of the energetic connection between and around all physical manifestation. Personally, this is awareness of your inherent Power-Within and how you are always connected both locally and nonlocally, physically and spiritually with all you know and all which transcends your conscious and unconscious knowing.

Over the next six months the dispute about personal self-governance will come first to an impasse and then a breakthrough. Especially as you will soon understand because unexpected events will take the center stage of world attention.

Insight Factor: Universal Connection

Self-Progression cannot happen without awareness of Universal Connection.

The two go hand in hand – a feedback loop where awareness and experience of one shines a deep light on the other, supporting expansion and deeper knowing.

Yet, it is this self-knowledge which Power-Over abhors simply because a self-aware individual is much more difficult to coerce and manipulate. Thus, fear tactics are incorporated to control. If you can be scared into believing mistruth, deception, and lies, then your personal power can be thwarted, co-opted, and redirected toward interest contrary to your own. This fear approach will also attempt to convince you that either you are not capable of trusting your own sense of truth or that your sense of truth is held in disdain by those opposing you and your life choices. A tactic with a long history within humanity and now referred to as gaslighting.

Here’s the way to sidestep this agenda of fear.

First: personalize any fear statements.

The fear agenda attempts to turn the struggles of others into reasons why you are not safe. Fear will label anonymous groups of people as those who you must fear or those to whom you will lose your livelihood or your life. These labels are everywhere and made and used by almost everyone even if the intention is to understand.

Instead of globs of unknown people, think of individuals you know. This is what we mean by personalized fear statements. For example, if you feel fear about migrants, think of someone you know who has moved from where they were born to where they live now. This should not be a problem because we are all migrants in one way or another.

Second: labels are used to marginalized and separate.

If you can put a personal face on any accusatory fear statement, the fear loses its support and loses its ability to coerce you against your best interest.

Your best interest rests within your ability to feel connected to the powerful life force within you. In this connection rests your autonomy and choice.

Moving away from fear and developing awareness of Universal Connection is definitely a situation of two steps forward, one step back.

This is how human beings experience personal growth. Not a straight line, there are curves and bumps often coming out of nowhere.

Imagine a group of 10 people walking down the street together. Each person is in a different place of steps forward and steps back. In one moment, you may feel in sync with several others and then feel you fall behind, then step ahead, then fall behind.

However, if you watch from above, every person is making it down the road at their own individual pace. Everyone is making the effort to step forward, to live life the way which feels right. When you are on the road walking and living your life, look around and see that everyone around you is trying to do their best – even those you perceive as having having labels you fear. If you can see the person rather than the label you can then also see that they are doing their best.

Now extrapolate this to your neighbors all walking down the road of life. You don’t need to understand them in order to witness their personal life effort. You certainly do not need to agree with them to live peacefully in the same community.

Now enlarge your view to the entire world and see that everyone, whether you know they exist or not, are all walking their path of life. This view is of each individual. This is not a view lumping together people you know and don’t know done to scare you and stifle your growth on your path.

Many have spoken on this perspective. Written songs. Penned beautiful poems. Ignited the force of personal power through oratory and storytelling.

When you begin to strip off the labels and see beyond, you experience the joy of life and you thrive within Universal Connection just as intended within body, mind, heart, and soul.

Insight Factor: Unexpected Future

Most do not know how to deal with the Unexpected Future.

Even after a pandemic, the back step is to search for guarantee, for certainty, for those false prophets who will willingly make faux promises.

The story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” is this type of fantasy meant to assure and dissuade from examining below the surface. Any who resist the false front of the sparkling new clothes are demeaned and demonized.

This is an issue of integrity both within self and with the inherent connection with all others. The question to ask: Where is honesty?

Honesty is the ability to be aligned with and express from the inner awareness of balance and resonance. Is labelling a lack of clothing honestly new clothes? Is it honest for you to pretend? Is professing ignorance honest? Where is honesty in making excuses?

The professed appearance of the Emperor’s new clothes is more about your choice and your response and less about the external situation. But melted in hope, fear chides you to get lost in the dishonesty of the external event.

Whether you get lost and believe the false claims or you become embroiled in the fight to eradicate the false parade – either way your attention has been diverted from your inner path. Your attention of the event is not for you to fix or react or deny the external happening.

For the most part, what happens in the world is beyond your control. Thus, most world events are opportunities to look at your life path and make adjustments within your awareness and choice.

Believing power comes through control, we mistake the occurrence of the unexpected. We are instructed that if we can exert control, we can always anticipate clearly or predict reliably so nothing is ever, ever unexpected.

However, you are only able to control you – not any other person. Plus, your ability to live your life is based on your resiliency and your control – both of which are the antithesis of control – which come from false interpretations from fear based stories and beliefs.

The false assumption also holds that control only comes when you have proven your worth. Falsely held, predictability proves personal capacity – or so the story goes.

The falsely held belief is that predictability proves personal capacity. Now you are in an unending rat race to prove and control. Focused outwardly, of course the Emperor’s new clothes are mighty fine because this is the narrative which provides certainty and guarantee of your personal worth. Though there is no basis in reality other than all the others who willing behave as if they believe the dishonesty and the misconceptions paraded as truth. Wink, wink!

Focusing on your internal experience and giving attention to your inner awareness is the way for you to begin to understand what this external event brings to you. This is how and where you connect to your clear sense of self and the focus of your emerging, blooming sense of resiliency.

Predictability is not necessary. Instead, you are aware of flow within and the inherent nonlocal connection which provides support in moments when your steps falter.

To step into what will be, allow awareness to approach and give attention to your inner guidance patiently abiding within.

We are complete.

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