Insight Analysis 10172022

Insight Analysis 10172022 (for October 17, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

We begin with this:

Life is about to ramp up into another level of precision, into a deeper level of commitment.

Let us explain why and how.

Humanity is dealing with a press of pressure points which have to do with power as we have explained and as you discuss in To Do Your Work. Understanding the concepts of Power-Over, Power-Under, Power-With, and Power-Within are extremely important going forward. Power-Over and Power-With are in diametrical opposition and are the foundation of why the pressure, both locally and nonlocally, is increasing. Essentially each individual is having to make a personal choice between Power-Under or Power-Within.

Within this struggle is dealing with the associated consequences — a struggle which has been at the foundation of human history for centuries. However, with human technological advancements, this pressure and struggle has been amplified into almost every moment. This requires you to either be attentive to your inner struggle in each moment which can be daunting. Or, to ease the pressure and its pain, you choose externally directed blame.

What needs to be understood is that in the face of the pressure, there is a better response. You will always have your personal struggle. The point is not to eliminate, ignore, or deny. Instead, choose to stand Witness, to observe, to watch yourself and others around you. As Witness, you stand a better chance to stay away from reactionary judgment. As Witness, you give yourself a moment for responsive discernment.

Judgment we believe you understand. Yet, let’s define this concept:

Judgment is the assumption you know coupled with a critical or harsh determination of the value or appropriateness of a behavior, statement, or event by one or more people.

When judgment is reactionary, the judgment happens in the moment, without conscious consideration, and is limited to what you know and believe. Reactionary behavior makes no effort to understand or consider beyond personal assumption and experience.

However, think about yourself and think about what your neighbors don’t know about you. Or what a stranger on the street doesn’t know about you. Now realize the reverse is true. Just by looking at anyone there is much that CAN’T be known. Reactive behavior can’t take in anything beyond what is personally known. This is why mindless reaction is based on assumption. How do you like folks making assumptions about you, for you?

This is why we suggest Witness. A Witness observes and does not draw judgment.

What do I observe?

That’s the guiding effort of the Witness. The Witness steps out of reaction and does not draw conclusions about others and their actions.

This choice of observation gives you a moment to become aware of the pressure within you and the pressure within the situation pressing down on you.

Most importantly, you give yourself the chance to observe how the external is triggering your internal pressure and struggle.

Perhaps you have heard So above, so below. Here we are speaking of So without, so within. For the struggle between Power-Over and Power-Within is about the pressure between external events and internal experience.

The Witness approach offers the opportunity to become more deeply observant within and without while stepping away from reactionary judgment as the primary form of participation.

You have come to participate in the here and now. Your choice is about how you participate, learn, and grow. You can proceed blindly filled with blame and judgment toward yourself and others – or you can choose observation and thoughtful response.

The Witness also understands what can be done in any moment: your choice. That’s what is available to you: your choice. Choice in this moment. Choice about what and how you think, feel, believe, and act. As Witness, choice can be conscious and can be made outside of the limitations of reactionary judgment.

Power-Over pushes up the Witness approach with judgment because the Witness is held at the center of Power-Within. Power-Over wants personal behavior to come from Power-Under.

Selfish, stupid, blind, and clueless are just a few of the judgments aimed at undermining Power-Within and the conscious choice of the Witness. Power-Over wants you to be reactionary and blinded where you are more likely to acquiesce to whatever Power-Over is attempting to achieve for its own purposes and rewards.

The mission of Power-Over is to have you be suspicious of what you believe to be true, especially the awareness of you as Witness. The only way for Power-Over to prevail is if you believe your truth is false and stupidly, wrongly perceived.

Is truth an illusion? In one sense, no truth is not an illusion. However, truth in the moment is not the same for every person. This can be a very scary proposition. For to see truth as shiftable incites fear. Agreeing exactly what is truth seems to be the way to counter fear.

There’s much we can say here. Let us put forward an idea which we see as helpful in this moment of challenge and pressure:

Truth is not a linear, static object.

Truth is a dynamic experience and process both internal and shared externally.

Fear is most likely to appear when truth is limited by perception and choice.

I like red. You like red. Red is not truth for all. Instead, red is a truth we have both internally identified. Red is also the experience of sharing personal truth with each other. Seeing someone with blue and judging them for not seeing the truth of red is reactionary judgment. Being afraid of blue because it is not red is a choice of Power-Under where choice is made through fear of external experience rather than inner awareness. The Witness will observe the blue and draw no thoughtless conclusions or judgments simply because red is perceived to be inner truth.

The Witness of Power-Within is building trust in self by approaching truth as inner awareness and shared external experience. The Witness does not need all truth to be agreed to by all. The Witness can allow that each person has the agency of personal experience and the autonomy for choice and experience.

In the next six months, everywhere in the world, will be challenges to you as Witness, to your autonomy and your agency. The path through is as Witness. We will speak of this more later. Now, let us shift topics.

Insight Factors: Financial and Geographical

In the next six months, the unexpected will have the largest impact on the personal finances and global financial markets.  Similar to the global events at the beginning of the pandemic.

Power-Over agendas not previously well known will become rudely public.

Countries which have not clashed in many years will do so.

Plus, we still see the high possibility of a geographical event of huge proportions occurring somewhere in the Pacific or Indian Oceans. Nothing of this event will be known or discussed before it’s occurrence.

On a personal level, there are no preventative measures except for financial moderation and conservation.

A giant is awakening in the midst of sick leaders failing both in responsibility and belief.

As Witness, you will have the capacity to safely and in health navigate world events and personal experience.

Be observant and remember you do not know or understand everything and everyone.

Find your balance between heaven and earth.

Remember life is not about eliminating fear and challenge. Rather life begins in observation within and without and finding the courage to live within the truth of your Power-Within.

What will be?

Not a world without challenge.

What will be is a world where the majority have chosen to live within the best of themselves.

Worry not about what will happen. Look within and trust yourself to observe and choose.

The affirmation to find inner peace with what will be:

There is no room for fear in my life.

We are complete.

Insight Analysis 10172022: utilizing the Akashic Future Insight Factors, this analysis appears once a week within the Akashic Mystic Library. For more analysis articles, begin here: Akashic Future Library.

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