Insight Analysis 11072022

Insight Analysis 11072022 (for November 7, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

Today we want to offer a “state of the world” perspective.

Insight Analysis Factor: Universal Connection

Within the world (meaning Earth and beyond) there exists a natural connection between all flows of energy. This connection has for the last 3000 years on Earth been both ignored and faced with attempts of destruction. However, Universal Connection cannot be damaged. Humanity may pretend that humans reign supreme, but the pretense does not make it so.

We raise this because What Is right now is a resurgence within humanity to realize the eternal presence of Universal Connection. When fear begins to get the better of you, feel within yourself your connection with yourself, your connection with others, and your connection with Earth and beyond.

In the face of fear, turned from oblivion, and feel connection.

Insight Analysis Factor: Spiritual Engagement

To engage within the world as a spiritual being, your journey begins with you, within you. You do not need to feel complete in your journey of spiritual understanding to be spiritually engaged.

All that is necessary is that one first step. The first glimmer of awareness that you are more than flesh and bone. The willingness to view the unknown as awe-filled possibility. The first step to releasing the control of fear.

The world is now filled with people taking this first step. People learning that in this step the world shifts and life is experienced within inner personal truth first – then through the choice of engagement with connection.

Again, the state of the world is one in which fear is attempting to deprive each person of the power of their birthright. Choice is the hinge: either you choose to exercise your choice, or you choose to give it up. Doing anything solely because you are afraid is giving up personal choice. Choosing to acknowledge that you are afraid and then choosing your next step even if you feel fear – this is exercising personal choice. Fear doesn’t necessarily go away. Instead, you learn to avoid the controlling attempts of fear.

There is no room in my life for fear.

Insight Analysis Factor: Agreements and Legacies

Legacies have for too long been trapped in the limited understanding of past lives.

The stale view of “past” is through an energetic “contract” perceived as a past agreement which is still binding because of the terms of the contract made long ago in a previous existence.

In contrast, legacy is the bounty shared spiritually on a soul level between souls and between physical experiences of a soul. By bounty we mean the richness of exploring and learning, of sharing connection, and of love given and received.

To get to the depth of your soul’s character and capacity, the question to ask:

What is the legacy of my soul?

This question can be asked broadly and can also be focused specifically on almost any topic. Another perspective question:

How does the legacy of my soul bring me to this moment?

The perspective of legacy opens the door to understanding and connecting with the gifts of soul experience.

Know also that if you are reading this, you are in the midst of a huge wave of change related to what it means to be human on Earth. There are many ways in which this change can be viewed. In this moment, we say to you this: look inside to your central core of personal power. You have within you power to weather the storm at your doorstep. You have the power to resist the push of fear. You have the inner strength to be witnessed today and tomorrow. You have the capacity to engage with all within the power of your inner connection.

It matters not WHAT happens. Your concern is HOW you choose to respond in the moment. For choice is always yours. Thoughtless reaction and thoughtless response are both personal choices. If you find that you have reacted, it is never too late to respond.

I turned my attention to the rich legacy of my soul.

Triad Engagement

We take this as a moment to speak of balance.

Balance always is.

How do you find balance? Place hand on heart, breathe deeply, and feel your balance within. Initially, this may feel impossible. But don’t give up. When you don’t feel balance, what you feel is what stands in the way of awareness of balance. Most often the resistance to balance is fear. Fear acknowledged can be fear released. Please don’t give up. The fear is signaling where your balance resides.

Let go the weight of judgment to feel the certainty of balance.

Pop Culture, Mass Consciousness, and Social Awareness

As is the desire of Power-Over, the world is caught in a sticky web of lies. Know that this web exists because one person wants to control another. The power of one is better than another is the basis for the lie.

In other words, perceived worth is the fulcrum which lies manipulate to gain acceptance.

How can you identify a lie? Usually within the lie is some statement of worth of one group over another. For truth need not manipulate the perception of worth. Lies are built on manipulation of perceived worth. All are worthy. Though many will pervert this perception to control and dominate.

Lies manipulate worth.

Truth witnesses worth.

Insight Analysis Factor: Health

Balance is important here because within balance is perception of What Is. Dis-ease comes when there is a lack of awareness of balance with What Is.

We know this may be an odd view of health. However, a lack of health comes from a motion away from where balance can be experienced.

Biomechanically, virus, bacteria, and other contagions upset balance both physically and spiritually. Though sometimes the upset is needed in order for shift to occur. Thus, disease isn’t always unwanted. Learning to be aware of balance will help you follow the shift rather than resist change.

Bring awareness to how you feel and allow yourself the opportunity to quietly assess outside of the reach of fear.

Good health rests within your quieted inner response.

Insight Analysis Factor: Environment and Climate

What do you feel right now when you think of your climate?

Do you feel balance?

Do you feel that your actions disrupt or support balance?

Like so much, fear wants to convince you that you can do nothing and all that occurs is detrimental.

How does this feel to you? Is this true for you that your actions and thoughts and feelings have no impact on your environment?

Let us say this: Your choices have impact.

If you would like to feel in balance and harmony with your environment, then quit worrying about others and focus on you.

Find balance for yourself, with you, and your environment.

Quit bad mouthing others – that’s polluting with fear.

Insight Analysis Factor: Political

The lies as fears manipulation are most seen and experienced in the motion of government. Government is an agreement and usually comes through compromise. A compromise which yields actions and behaviors contrary to the compromise.

Power-Over once what is it wants regardless of the balance struck in compromise. Thus, fear and lies.

Do you gain anything by allowing your life to be a reaction to fear?

Believing yourself to be better than others propagates the energy of lies.

Insight Analysis Factor: Financial

The world is experiencing a huge shift. This shift is a motion towards balance rather than the monetary imbalance of many centuries.

Trust will keep you afloat.

Insight Analysis Factor: Competition

Lies compete with other lies. Stand back and witness the competition. Be amazed at the energetic waste and the boldness of the attempted coercion.

Like water off a duck and with your choice, this competition cannot harm you directly however hard the lies may attempt to intimidate you.

Insight Analysis Factor: Self-Progression

What Will Be for you comes through your willingness to release fear as guide. The sustaining ascendant motion is connection within itself and connection in balance with others. You need not like everyone. Instead, focus on the universality of the worth of all. Your best is available when you acknowledge the worth of all regardless of thought, belief, or action by other.

You are not a judge. You are a witness.

You choose. You learn. You love.

Insight Analysis Factor: Unexpected Future

There is an opportunity to welcome the unknown future. Today. Now. As you read these words. This opportunity is always available. Always. Make a choice today.

I welcome the future with love and joy – especially when tomorrow feels dark.

All of this is about what benefits you most within your life.

Again. it’s not WHAT happens which is important.

Importance is HOW you respond here, now, regardless of future fear.

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