Insight Analysis 12052022

Insight Analysis 12052022 (for December 5, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

We want today to focus on one question and go from there.

What will the world know in three months that it won’t see now?

This is a question focused on the energy of refusal and resistance.

In this moment, we will say that refusal is a conscious turning away, a conscious effort to ignore.

Where resistance is the inner friction caused by both conscious and unconscious behavior or action within the world.

Resistance moves forward when an energy system is struggling with balance. Where refusal consciously turns away, often resistance occurs when effort is being made to find balance, to experience the energetic flow without interference.

We believe this to be a very important distinction especially over the next three months.

What we are pointing to is the difference between not making an effort to find balance versus making an effort to find balance.

This is what is important now to observe and witness: Who is making an effort to find balance? Whose efforts refuse balance? Whose efforts create chaos?

Because when you carefully witness, most chaos is apparent from refusal and not from resistance.

Most actors on the world stage gain momentum through refusal – through a demand that relationship be out of balance and the benefit of their relationship go to the small group of actors dominating the social and cultural field of play.

Because of the forms of communication you call media, a stage is created for communal exchange and because domination is the mode of operation for Power-Over, then the stage is ruled by domination and, thus, the presence of refusal.

Over the next three months, especially within the United States and also within what are called first world countries, this action of refusal and resistance will play out in all spheres including political, financial, legal, social, and cultural.

Recession, economically, is a result of refusal though it would appear to be an issue of resistance. Primarily your economic systems are driven by forces and choices most do not understand or even know exist. Economic resistance is nonlocal, while economic refusal is linear and static.

To thrive economically requires both people and governments to seek balance rather than to refuse on ideological grounds.

This is part of our conversation about What Is.

Refusal refuses What Is.

Resistance resists What Is.

Balance witnesses What Is.

All three positions will make a choice within their natural tendency. Only balance will find a step forward into economic positivity.

When you deal honestly with What Is you have released both refusal and resistance to the outcome of your step within What Is.

Refusal lives in the denial of What Is. Refusal attempts to persuade that What Is is either repugnant or the result of whoever or whatever is the direction of the refusal.

Whereas resistance has many forms because inherently there is an effort to make peace with What Is –  the balance of peace has not been found –  yet.

Most people will encounter resistance often because the energy of resistance is what differentiates within awareness as either balance or imbalance.

Over the next three months and beyond, you can witness the energy of refusal and resistance. Pay attention to your own inner experience because you can witness your habits towards both refusal and resistance.

Refusal shows as I can’t or I won’t. Though, please be reminded that not all moments of refusal are to be avoided. Rather the ones to pay attention to are the ones where you are denying What Is with your refusal. It is not unusual for there to be a refusal after being clear about What Is.

Resistance has the feeling of hitting a brick wall. Resistance is relieved by taking a step back and asking What Is. This is a process of awareness and a willingness to look at the tough bits.

Over the next three months, all can be resolved by moving away from refusal, acknowledging resistance, and seeking balance within all who are connected. While the coolest heads will prevail, there will be many hot heads who will appear as victorious.

Remember while the skirmishes may benefit, the war is never won through refusal.

The balance of What Is always is.

Seek balance always and you will prosper in all ways.

Insight Analysis 12052022: utilizing the Akashic Future Insight Factors, this analysis appears once a week within the Akashic Mystic Library. For more analysis articles, begin here: Akashic Future Library.

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