Integration of Arrival Energy

Integration of Arrival Energy is one of the first threads I wrote about the arrival of the new energy of physical-spiritual integration which is transforming and transmuting our human experience. This energetic motion is the foundation of all change on the planet.

What does it mean to arrive?

What does it mean to depart?

If life is a journey without end, how can there be departure and arrival?

The answer resides in the energy of the Eternal Return.

Every journey is a continuous process of ebb and flow, of inhale and exhale.

Each moment of every journey is a departing and an arrival, with a still moment poised between within the infinite and eternal potential of All That Is,.

Each moment is an arising, an ascension to a new view, a motion within a new dimensional perspective.

The journey is always departing from the truth of the last moment to be able to embrace the arrival of this moment’s truth.

A flow of balance and resonance.

The journey contains the capacity to turn attention to all points or any one point of the continuum of life’s potential and life’s form in any moment.

Life is not about getting somewhere – a somewhere stripped of possibility because of the rush and overstep trying to get to the end, the destination, the proof of success that you got somewhere.

Here is one of the major points of Arrival energy: Where you are, you are what you journey, you are your highest expression.

At full integration, the journey becomes you in this moment and what moves to you.

Integration comes in the vulnerability of flexibility.

Integration is in the present moment of Beginner’s Mind.

Integration is the ability to turn attention, focus, concentration, and absorption to any energetic point of awareness within the infinite and eternal flow.

Your attention flows both locally and non-locally at will.

There are no dimensions only points of awareness within the infinite and eternal flow of the Eternal Return.

The sticking point is capacity and the inner sense of possibility.

If your mind and heart are closed to infinite and eternal possibility, either through fear or blame, then personal scope is limited to only what is known personally.

If you believe you can’t, you avoid figuring out how you can.

Dynamic Vision is the capacity to shift awareness, consciousness, and perspective from local to non-local, from linear to dynamic, from the information of the five senses to the deep knowing of consciousness, intuition and awareness, from discrete definable packets to the perspective of the infinite and eternal energy continuum.

For this is the legacy of our ancestors: a system which allows shift and integration to empower deepest learning and highest expression. This is the primary intention for all humanity.

We all have this possibility and we all have the potential of capacity for this vision.

The potential of Dynamic Vision within the infinite and eternal comes into view through opening to and asking the question:

What do I not know?How do I let my knowing create limits, boundaries, and borders to what I allow to integrate within me?

Unity Consciousness is unified, fully integrated, Dynamic Vision which all serious spiritual seekers are moving toward.

Unity Consciousness is not a single moment of absorption, rather an ongoing experience of infinite and eternal connection at all levels of knowing and awareness.

One way to describe this is as the ability to stand in the awareness of micro and macro, the depth and the distance, at the same time.

Dynamic Vision is the entry point for developing Unity Consciousness.

Learning to understand the dynamic view and access this view within the soul through the Akashic Records is an inner platform for the emergence of Unity Consciousness.

Meditation and trance are both approximations.

Though the use of the word consciousness is intentional – meaning personal awareness – is fully utilized and present.

Unity Consciousness is somewhat like a limbic dream, where personal consciousness is present, useful, and influencing the flow of the dream.

Yet Unity Consciousness is not of the dream state but of real conscious life.

Right now, this is the focus for the Ancestral Legacy of Arrival energy:

  • Physical-spiritual integration,
  • Moving into conscious dynamic vision and
  • Release of static linear labels which block dynamic vision.

For Dynamic Vision is the gift of the future from our ancestors.

For your ancestors are of your soul, not bound by linear time and space, and contain your being and becoming within each expression of physical form.

Think of Arrival energy as a gift of Ancestral Legacy.

Learn to resist the temptation to define and thereby divide the infinite and eternal into discrete parts.

Instead, learn to feel the flow toward you contain all the infinite and eternal expressions of All That Is.

To the linearly focused mind, this flow will feel like ambiguous and chaotic energetic expressions which cannot coexist.

However, your experience within the Akashic Records is both proof and example of the coexistence of matter and anti-matter, of expression and non-expression.

For form is both the expression of potential AND form is the antithesis of potential.

Potential is a reflection of form.

Consider the reflection in the mirror which exists in awareness and consciousness but not within the physical reality of forms physical manifestation except as a reflection of what does exist.

Unity Consciousness is the fully bodied awareness of the existence and the antithesis of the fully embodied form.

For Unity Consciousness is both here and not here.

The presence and absence held together within conscious awareness.

Unity Consciousness is what precedes I AM.

As humanity moves deeper into the depth and breadth of the physical and spiritual integration of Arrival energy, the ability to consciously move in and out of Unity Consciousness will develop and is developing.

Right now, focus on receiving the gifts from your ancestors of Arrival energy.

This creates the resonant foundation for expansion into and with Unity Consciousness.

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Cheryl Marlene, Akashic Mystic, is unafraid of the tough, the raw, and the real aspects of doing deep work. She is the world’s authority on the Akashic Records and consults in the Akashic Records with clients around the world through readings, research, and Akashic Future for futuristic business leaders. Student learn to access the Akashic Records through ZENITH, her comprehensive four-level learning program, and her signature classic, Akashic Records Masterclass. In the field of consciousness, she is known as a futurist, innovator, and master teacher who delivers life-changing lessons with warmth and humor. Her powerful exploration is cutting edge -- providing you with deep insight today to ignite your vision for tomorrow.