Interconnection Between Climate Change and Human Spiritual Nature

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: Is there an interconnection between climate change and the spiritual place of humanity at this time? The response discusses planetary shift, human agreements, and physical-spiritual integration.

The Founders of the Akashic Records: 

We want to start off by saying that, from our perspective, the biggest change that’s happening on the planet right now, is that you are shifting away from a dependence on your body and your minds to your hearts and your souls. And moving into what we would call physical spiritual integration, where the body, mind, heart and soul are integrated in balance and equilibrium working together, which, in a lot of ways hasn’t energetically been the case on the planet for probably last two to three thousand years. Two to 3000 years ago, you went through this kind of change, and you moved away from that physical- spiritual integration into a dominance of your body and your minds over your hearts and your souls. And part of the reason why you made that shift in the agreements of what it means to be human, was to actually expand the capacity of your minds. When you did that 3000 years ago, that shift happened over a period of somewhere between 1500 and 1000 years. This time, the shift is happening over less than about 300 years. So it’s a very rapid change. And that’s part of why humanity is, in a certain sense struggling right now, because your minds are really aware that something is shifting. And as you move into this awareness of who you are integrated physically and spiritually, it’s not just you as spiritual beings learning how to be physical, it’s actually both sides of yourselves learning to live a physical life spiritually, and living to learn a spiritual life physically, that’s what’s happening. That’s the shift in the agreements. It means that you can, in your bodies, do things that you used to think you had to reach enlightenment to do, or you had to die and go to heaven for. Now that’s a part of your physical existence on the planet. 

And, to go along with that, all at once the planet is shifting, to go along with that shift in agreements. So it’s bringing forward circumstances that help you really get deep into what it means to live within an integrated sense of who you are body, mind, heart and soul. And to not put a value, or a judgement on any of those perspectives, like that the heart and the soul are better than the mind and the body, or vice versa. It’s about moving into this. 

Part of what’s happening in the climate is a shift, to help you be able to deal with that integration. We see a lot of things on the planet around this, like the weather, and it seems like different things are breaking down. And while there is a way in which that’s true, at a much broader level, these are temporary shifts that are happening, that we will be dealing with over the next five to 10 years, maybe 15. And then it’s like how a pendulum, when it gets its momentum going, can swing really far in one direction, right when the momentum is really building. And so what you’re in the middle of now, and we see it through climate change, is that the pendulum is at its highest point. Energetically it is pulling your sense of equilibrium to a place that you’re not used to being in equilibrium. So that it’s almost like the highs and the lows are helping you to find where balance is. 

So this new perspective that you have, as physically spiritually integrated human beings, can settle into a perspective that doesn’t seem to have quite the same push and pull to it. The next 15 years feels like it’s really going to be a whole lot of that wild pendulum shifting kind of energy, and then it’s going to settle down. 

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