Is an Akashic Record Reading Cheating?

Is an Akashic Record Reading Cheating? This is a question no one had ever asked me until the other day. Here’s how our exchange went and why I said no.

Client:         Is an Akashic Record Reading cheating?

Cheryl:        Cheating?  Like maybe you’re getting the answers on the test or something like that cheating?

Client:         Yeah, like pulling from resources I shouldn’t be pulling from.

Cheryl:        No.

Client:         Okay.

Cheryl:        No. I don’t think so. I look at it as opening yourself to possibilities which exist.  Some people think of the Akashic Records as absolute truth.  If the Records say X, then X is going to happen.

Instead, the Akashic Records are about hearing what you need to hear in the moment to help you get to the truth for yourself.  That’s not absolute truth.

Client:         Yeah, that makes sense.

Cheryl:        Possibly, to some degree, you might say that absolute truth would be cheating, but I don’t think that’s true either. The Akashic Records through a Reading is aimed at trying to help you open to finding within yourself the answers and the truth that makes sense for you.

Client:         Okay, let’s say I had a Reading once a month for a year or two years.  Then I die.  My soul will be like, “You totally cheated.”

Cheryl:        No.

Client:         “You spoke with Cheryl every freaking month!”

Cheryl:        No. No. No.

Client:         Okay.

Cheryl:        That worry, that concern, that’s just judgment on yourself that you should be with it enough that you shouldn’t have to have this kind of support.

Client:         Right. Exactly.

Cheryl:        That’s judgment: thinking you’re not worthy because you’re asking for help.

Client:         Ok, that makes sense.

Cheryl:        Say, you’re 44.  You feel you should’ve had this all put together by now. That’s judgment.

Client:         Okay.  Thank you for that!

Cheryl:        Take me for example.  I’m 57. I should’ve had this together before now.  But the truth is that you get it when you get it.  Which is what I say to my 75-year-old friend when I do a reading for her. She says, “Cheryl, I should’ve known that by now.” I reply, “Why? Why would you choose to beat yourself up that way right now?” We all get what we get when we get it.

Client:         Right!

Cheryl:        There’s no such thing as finishing.  We’re always in a place of expansion. We’re different today than we were yesterday.  That means there is going be something today that we don’t understand.  Something we didn’t even have a chance to try to understand yesterday because the possibility didn’t even exist yesterday because we’ve expanded today.

Client:         Oh.

Cheryl:        Yep!

Client:         Okay, yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

Lots of directions I could go with this!  There are so many opportunities for assistance – the Akashic Records are one source but not the only source.

In this moment, let me say: it’s never wrong to accept help as you attempt to understand yourself, your life, or your journey.

And I would add that when you look outside of yourself, allow what you find to enhance your inner sense of self rather than replace your truth with someone else’s truth.

Give yourself every chance to find your truth within even when that process is supported by outside help.

That’s not cheating, that’s living life fully and honestly.

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