Is an Akashic Record Reading like a Psychic or Past Life Readings?

Is an Akashic Record Reading like a Psychic or Past Life Readings: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer the following question:

Why is an Akashic Records Reading compared to a psychic or past/present/future reading and how can it be seen from a broader perspective?

I love this question. So, from their perspective, the reason why we look at this as past, present, and future is connected to why people think that the Akashic Records are only about past lives, and has to do, almost exclusively, with the idea that we, as humanity, especially in the last 2000 years or so, have only been able to look at time from a linear point of view.

So our awareness, our consciousness is limited by that linear view. It also means that in a lot of ways, our religions and our notions of spirituality have also been confined to that perspective. So religious and spiritual concepts are usually explained within the limitation of a linear existence. And probably one of the biggest changes currently on the planet is that people are starting to realize that there’s more to time than past, present, and future.

When you start connecting your awareness at deeper levels that take you beyond a linear awareness, even the concept of intuition is a way of knowing that isn’t quite as concretely connected to linear time as previously thought.

So we’re learning to deepen our sense of connection with All That Is in such a way that we begin to be conscious and aware that time is more than past, present, and future, especially if you start thinking of multiple dimensions, parallel universes or any of those ways of explaining physical reality outside of our linear existence here. Both time and space begin to have attributes and possibilities that you can’t get to when you’re limited to a linear perspective.

One of the first things that they brought to me when I started working in the Akashic Records was the difference between the linear view and the dynamic view, because in the dynamic view, you start getting into understanding time and space within the Infinite and the Eternal, instead of being limited to their linear existence.

So the Akashic Records have existed beyond our historical record of them and there’s a way in which the connection with divine knowing has been available, particularly over the last 1000 years, but over the last 2000 years, our human awareness has been much more limited to the linear view. And so, the non-local connection, which is taking you out of the limits of time and space into a 3D awareness, is moving you into an awareness of your connection with All That Is.

So, things like psychic readings and clairvoyance and that kind of work are actually examples of non-local connection from the perspective of a linear existence, which is hard to explain.

There’s a way to understand clairvoyance beyond the linear, and in a lot of ways, we’re just moving into that, because the change that’s happening on the planet has to do with how the agreements are shifting from an emphasis on the mind and body over the heart and soul, and we’re moving into physical-spiritual integration where the body, mind, heart, and soul are integrated and aware within the dynamic view.

Wow, the energy on that’s huge!

Is an Akashic Record Reading like a Psychic or Past Life Readings? This one of many questions and answers with the Founders of the Akashic Records. Visit this page for more Q&A. Join a Q&A Session and ask your own questions!

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