Is it too late to save Earth from climate change?

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: Can we save the Earth from climate change? Or is it too late? A short response which takes a high level view of the broad arc of change.

The Founders:

It’s not that bad things aren’t happening, because they are. It’s important to understand that from the dynamic point of view, there’s a much broader arc that is in motion here. And so it’s not that you shouldn’t treat the earth with respect, it’s that there’s also more here than what you’re aware of right now. And as you increase your ability to live within your physical spiritual integration, and understand what that’s all about, and the more you develop this dynamic point of view, the more you begin to be aware of this broader arc and realize that climate change, for example, is in a certain sense, a momentary experience that’s happening, and it’s something that you’re going to move through.

Is it too late to save Earth from climate change? This is one of many articles From the Akashic Records.

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