Is there a Shift in Consciousness?

Is there a Shift in Consciousness?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

 Is there a Shift in Consciousness?

Okay, so where are they wanting to start?

Yes, there is a shift. And yes, it does have huge implications for humanity. Part of that shift is something that they’ve talked with me and I have talked with you in different ways.

We start talking about the difference between what they call departing energy and arrival energy.

Departing energy is the energy of what it means to be human, over the last 3000 years. The primary idea of that energy is this: the body and mind are more important than the heart and soul. There’s an emphasis of the body and the mind over the heart and the soul. And part of and the reason why that was done, was a choice and effort to expand our intellectual minds. This was also an expression a choice about how to experience power which means that what I called Power-Over was dominant, right? Dominating authoritarian power, where the strong are able to dominate the weak, whatever that might mean in whatever context you’re talking about. But that’s basically the driving force.

Within that energy, fear is the primary response towards Power-Over. This agreement is now shifting, and it has been shifting for somewhat the last 200 to 300 years in some ways or another.

We’re moving into an agreement in which there is no longer as a priority of the mind and the body over the heart and the soul.

Instead, the idea is that they are all equal, and can be integrated. The effect has already started where humanity lives physically and spiritually integrated with the body, mind heart and soul balance in integration.

In doing this, the power dynamic shifts. Within power, it goes from being Power-Over to being Power-With. Because within our integrated selves, the focus is on how we are connected, and how we are all of equal value — which doesn’t make Power-Over all that excited and happy.

We also need to think the standard spiritual ideas and beliefs because they are not suitable for the integration of who we are body, mind, heart and soul. Because they were beliefs that were based on the idea that the body and the mind are inherently better than the heart and the soul.

If you wanted to do heart or soul level work, you basically had to leave the planet, and, go to heaven, and have that experience there. Ideally, you would do that through enlightenment, or some sort of revelation, or some sort of accession that would take you out of your physical body, and still maintain your spiritual being within. We all know, there’s various versions of all of that.

But that means that if we are physically-spiritually integrated, and body, mind, heart and soul are working together within that integration, then it means that we have the capacity to do things here, and be aware, have consciousness that we used to think you couldn’t do.

It also means that we’re not waiting for something magical to happen. In order for us to have that experience, right, a lot of people would say you have to be awakened or you have to be ascending or, you know, some versions of those kinds of words. You have to be spiritually pure, whatever that might mean, blah, blah, blah, right, all of that kind of thing.

The Founders are saying is that those are the vestiges of an old way of understanding what will get you to the highest or the deepest spiritual experience as possible.

If you are moving and experiencing physical-spiritual integration — which they would say everybody on this call is in some place or another – then what becomes important is, or what becomes possible, is that you are beginning to learn how to move your consciousness along the energy continuum from form to potential and back at any moment

You are trusting that your perspective is where it needs to be in the moment and you’re not judging yourself and or you’re not judging others that they haven’t done it right.

So that means, from a static point of view, you have the ability to tune your consciousness to wherever it needs to be tuned. And, learning to trust yourself that you can do that, you don’t need a guru or whatever to make that happen because what you’re doing is you’re doing your work.

You’re coming to integrity, you’re coming to clarity, you’re understanding what drives intention and present moment and beginner’s mind. All of that is helping you to find within yourself the integration, while at the same time, it’s helping you find balance within the motion that’s going on around you — whatever that motion might be.

You’re moving away from a much more reactive perspective, that moves you basically into fear without calm, without consciousness, right? Something happens, and you’re in fear and everything that you’re doing is more reaction to the fear — rather than knowing that fear is something that you have a choice over.

The choice is over how you respond in the moment to whatever is going on in your environment, and whatever’s going on within you.

In that sense, they would say that enlightenment is basically an awareness, a developing awareness of who you are, and what is for you in the moment. Which, by that definition, means that everybody is and can be enlightened.

Everybody, in a certain sense, is enlightened. It’s not something that you have to do — some special something in order to, quote unquote, be good enough to attain.

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