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About Jennifer

Jennifer Braun

Jennifer Braun

Jennifer Braun is an Akashic Record Reader.

Jennifer has been reading the Akashic Records for over a year and loves working in the Records and assisting others within their own Records. After her first class with Cheryl, she was hooked! In addition to the Akashic Records, Jennifer has studied Spiritual Response Technique, Reiki, and Ho’Oponopono. She also works with her husband as the office manager in his family excavation business. Life is a classroom for Jennifer and she is grateful to learn something new every day. She also loves animals, working in the yard, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

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I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, and have lived in the area my whole life. I was always inquisitive as kid — up at the crack of dawn, knocking on the neighbor’s door to see how everyone was, and what they were doing. I also loved to be outside, riding my bike or playing. I always brought home every stray cat in the neighborhood and even raised orphan opossums when I was in high school. My parents were very lenient about my animals.

I have been married for over 18 years, and we have a daughter, who is the joy of my life. My husband and I got blessed in the “kid department”. We have 2 dogs and a cat who also entertain us. It is a joy for me to share my home and my life with these critters, though I do miss living in the country where we had goats and chickens.

In my late twenties, I had fibromyalgia and migraines. At one point, I was in bed a few days a week because I felt so bad. I started seeing a woman who offered energetic healing work though I really had no clue what she did. I would lay on her table for an hour and feel better for weeks. There came a point in time when I did start asking questions, and learned that I had gifts too. I started seeking out information on how to heal myself. One of my biggest challenges in life was being born with hearing loss. I have hearing aids, but I was often concerned about hearing. In my journey to learn the Akashic Records, I really started to hear. Not in the physical sense, but spiritually, an inner knowing. I am a lot less concerned about my hearing loss these days. I am also healthier than I have been since my early twenties. I am off all the medications, and I am not longer in constant pain.

Cheryl came to Eugene to speak about her books, and I knew I wanted to learn to read the Akashic Records. I took my first class in 2014 and have continued my journey of learning with Cheryl. At first, learning to work in the Akashic Records was a frustrating challenge for me as other healing practices had come pretty easily for me. I have to say, this work has been the most rewarding. I really have had to let go of what no longer serves me or stands in my way of finding success. It is a daily journey I am so grateful to be experiencing.

I have heard so many times in my life that it is important to love what you do, and then it won’t be a job. I love assisting others with readings in the Akashic Records, and my other spiritual healing practices. I feel like I finally know what I want to be when I grow up! I had spent so many years, just going to work. I am very grateful for this part of my life. I remember when I first started working the concept of gratitude into my daily life. I had just seen a movie about women in prison in a third world country. They would fight over bras. It was like a light went off, understanding to be truly grateful for everything in my life. I think the incorporation of gratitude was the biggest gift I could give myself. It makes sense why so many books have been written about it!

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