The Journey of the Soul

Let us start this journey by defining Soul.

Assuming we all emerge from one source, each Soul is simply one experience of a unique aspect of the ONE into the Many as one individual awareness.

Within a linear perspective the Soul becomes the form-carrying vehicle bearing all experience.

Dynamically, the Soul is the focus of motion of one aspect of intention of the ONE.

All energy moves on a continuum from potential to form and soul experience also enjoys this continuum of experience/motion as well.

Soul without form is pure potential.  Soul without body is pure potential.

Some soul never moves beyond the motion of body while some soul experiences are only potential.  How this is experienced and described depends entirely on your viewpoint.

It is crucial to understand the dynamic view (all is infinite and eternal) vs. static view (all is linear). 

The static gives the idea of a journey with a beginning and end.  While Dynamic is about motion flowing infinitely and eternally.

Let us begin with a static motion which is then translated into the Dynamic.

From the POV of Physical Reality, the Soul, as a unique aspect of the One Source of All That Is, journeys between potential and form infinitely and eternally.  This is the standard view held within current thought as reincarnation.  And, as you will notice, it is a static view focused on the motion of form.  To re-incarnate is simply the repetition of taking form.

Here is the key to getting a deeper understanding of Soul: look at it instead as a repetition of potential.  The Soul is actually an infinite and eternal expression of potential – always re-potentialing.  However, every expression of potential is different because of its infinite and eternal nature which allows the highest expression in this present moment to step forward and guide intention within its motion in the universe.  Soul seen from the dynamic view allows for potential to step forward and guide the best experience within the infinite and eternal.

Soul is potential expressed within the infinite and eternal.

The best way to begin to understand the journey of the soul is to begin with this idea of dynamic potential.

And to understanding the journey of soul is both an intellectual process as well as a heart process.

Only through the heart can we come to know the unknowable.  The head in trying to make sense, holds itself back from understanding the ineffable.

The same goes for looking at the soul statically — this is an intellectual process which by definition has limits when held linearly.

Whereas touching the soul through the heart allows you to go beyond the linear and begin to feel the motion which has greater intention and thus will bring different understanding than the mind held in a linear framework.

As the heart opens to the dynamic possibilities of All That Is, understanding expands and the mind will begin to function dynamically as well.

Set before you in this journey of soul understanding is a unique path which opens the willing to a new level of understanding.

There will be confusion, but not to worry because these confusions will provide questions which when answered open the door to deeper clarity for you.

Feel into your heart:  what are you questions about your soul’s journey?


About this article: A lot of my writing comes from what and how I am aware of my inner landscape and my personal work. You can find more articles like this here: What are Mindful Moments?

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