About Kim Feicke

Kim Feicke

Kim Feicke

Kim Feicke is an Akashic Record Reader.

As the saying goes, everything Kim needed to know she learned in kindergarten. Except in Kim’s case she was the teacher and all of her learning came from her kindergarten students. Early in her teaching career, she learned that she had very little to teach her students in comparison with what they had to teach her. Who knows better than a 5 year old how to be completely present in any given moment? How to operate from intuition and the heart rather than from the head? Spending years unlearning all that she learned about how to be a grown-up has turned out to be great training in reading the Akashic Records. Listening with the heart and being open to whatever comes in whatever form it comes and sharing that with others, Kim brings the innocence and wisdom of both the 5 year old and the teacher to all of her readings.

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I am an explorer. My childhood was spent climbing trees, riding my bike everywhere and devouring books. I was both deeply shy and deeply inquisitive, pouring through books as fast as I could get my hands on them, often reading books that were ‘beyond my age.’ I loved reading about the lives of others and imagining their worlds. As I grew older the inquisitiveness won out over the shyness and I started to explore more of those worlds for myself rather than through books.

A desire to both understand how the world worked and to repair the injustices I saw around me led me to become active in the world of social justice. This, and a combination of health issues led me to become a volunteer at a free alternative health clinic in Chicago, where I experienced the double benefit of supporting others and deepening my own understanding of the wider world of alternative healing I was discovering. In 1993, the acupuncturist I volunteered with led me to my first teacher, Jose Perez, where I began to learn tai chi, Taoism, Hinduism, energy healing, and most of all unconditional love. The paths this opened up have kept me on a whirlwind self-discovery adventure ever since.

Since then I have studied countless forms of energy healing, spiritual practices, and varieties of self-help modalities that both guided me through my own life and simultaneously helped me develop a deeper understanding of the universe I live in. All of this has co-existed alongside my “day jobs.” School teacher, leadership coach/consultant, social justice activist by day; spiritual/self-explorer by night. For many years they were two separate paths with separate communities of friends and colleagues. Why? Because I was taught they didn’t belong together.

Real educators, real activists, real consultants didn’t bring their spiritual beliefs into their job. Those were things kept on the side and not to be talked about with any seriousness. Though I knew that wasn’t true, it was hard to find ways to openly integrate them and still be taken seriously in my work so I kept quiet about my other life. Now, it’s impossible for me not to integrate them and speak of them in the same breath, which is leading me in new directions.

And then I was introduced to the Akashic Records through Cheryl Marlene. With many of the modalities I’ve studied over the years, I perceived myself as the slowest learner in the class. I struggled with material that others sailed through. I went through many phases of frustration and “maybe this isn’t for me” but I always gravitated back to it. The energy work was a magnetic pull that I couldn’t get far from before being consumed again. I assumed this slow learner pattern would be the case with the Akashic Records as well and was shocked by the ease and fluidity with which I received information from the Records the first time I opened them. Cheryl had warned us we might only get a couple of words the first time we opened the Records, but information flowed through me immediately. Information I wasn’t expecting but was especially relevant and pertinent to some issues I was facing and changes I needed to make in my life at that moment. Wow! All just from asking a question!

While I am new to the Akashic Records work with Cheryl, I am not new to reading energies, receiving and sharing spiritual guidance, or coaching and supporting others on their journey. As I mentioned above, I have been studying various forms of reading, shifting and healing energies for 22 years and find that my style of working with others is a merger of all I’ve studied and experienced rather than falling under the title of one particular modality. My journey in working with the Akashic Records has added greatly to this and profoundly shifted my life and my sense of myself. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share some of that with you.

My life is centered around finding joy in living and breaking free from beliefs about suffering to discover who I was truly meant to be. I am focused on learning more about who I am as opposed to who others want me to be. I see life as a journey of self-discovery and I try to remain open to what comes so that I can learn as much as possible from it and be fully present for both myself and others on our mutual journeys. I keep myself grounded and growing through tai chi, qi gong, being outdoors, and staring out the window into my backyard, knitting needles in hand. Being outdoors doing anything, but especially snowboarding, hiking, camping, and gardening keep me energized and happy.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon but grew up in the Midwest of the United States. I go back there several times a year to visit my family who all live there and if I’m lucky catch a good thunderstorm or snow storm! I gravitated to the west coast to be closer to the mountains, trees, and water but my ties are still in the midwest.

My work in the Akashic Records is about tapping directly into the wisdom of the universe and finding ways to share that through language and images. It is about sharing my ability to hear responses to questions asked to the Akashic Records and share that with others who are still opening to their own abilities to do the same. I believe that the gift I offer is one that we all have, just one I’ve focused on tuning into for myself. For me this work is about sharing who I am with the world while I am simultaneously learning who I am for myself.

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