Learning to Live in Connection

Here’s a confession: Sometimes I feel lonely.

Over the years, I’ve thought about why. I have even asked my Akashic Records why on several occasions.

Here’s what I’ve come to:

I’m a serious, self-responsible person deeply interested in EVERYTHING – especially the philosophical, the intellectual, and the spiritual. (I’m also a totally light-hearted person who loves to offer bad puns and dance on the grass barefoot!)

I don’t do well with simplistic sound-bites or attempts to hide or distract or be less than honest.

Give it to me straight and deep, and don’t try to hide the raw, painful bits because, for me, that’s where the learning and exploration and discovery emerge.

In the challenge is where I find the authentic me – the me which thrives within healthy vitality.

I know this is why I have resonated with the Akashic Records: deep, serious, and truthful is my experience.

The Records don’t hold back and neither do I. From myself or from my life or from the world.

In the community I have built, I don’t feel lonely.

Instead I have learned a resiliency which supports me in all aspects of my life.

In my Akashic Records work, this has manifested in a particular teaching style.

I like the direct, I-see-your-face-you-see-mine learning connection. And because of the Internet, we no longer need be in the same location.

All of my study with students is direct.

In Master Class we practice together in the Akashic Records doing what can’t be accomplished alone.

In Private Study, it’s just you and I together as we focus on your learning.

I may have solitary moments, but I no longer feel lonely.

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